Just another Wild West Knitting Retreat

It’s Labor day weekend. I’m really looking forward to having an extra day off. Well, I’m looking forward to an extra day off, but I won’t actually get one. Our 3rd Annual Wild West Knitting Retreat is taking place this Labor Day weekend.

I usually am not invited to or involved in the retreat, but this year was different. I was invited to the retreat. I had a job and everything.

I’ll tell you how the retreat works and what my job is. On the first day, the retreaters (is that a word?) meet at the Your Daily Fiber store. They are then transported (or they drive) to Cherokee Park Ranch in Northern Colorado, where they check into their rooms or cabins. Once they are checked in, they are invited to a wine and cheese Meet-n-Greet. Classes start the next day. I offered to teach a class in how to carry heavy stuff, but Elaine thought no one would sign up for it.

In the past, my job was to purchase the wine and cheese. I feel this is a very important job. I believe that is why it is left to me. Usually, Elaine and Ivy have been very busy with last minute plans and travel arrangements and one of them will say “Hey, we forgot the wine and cheese. We will need to send Monner!”

I am the perfect person to pick wine and cheese, since I am not fond of either. I have this thing that I think most wines and cheeses smell and taste like sweaty gym socks. (I don’t think we need to talk about that right now, We can talk about that some other time.) I should mention that I am told to pick up grapes and berries, also.

Personally, If I was forced to have wine and cheese, I wouldn’t want to Meet-n-Greet anyone. That’s why I get the grapes.

This year we (Elaine and Ivy) decided that I (Monner) should go to