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Bronchitis and Favorite Teachers

Well, so far as far as years go, 2017 is not my favorite. The year started with me having a case of the flu, turned out not to be the flu at all. After a trip to the the doctor, (Elaine nagged me into going) the doc thinks it is bronchitis. I guess his guess is as good as mine.

Did you catch that I said HIS guess? My current female doctor, who I didn’t want to see anyway, wasn’t available, so I had to see a new doctor drawn from a pool of doctors that I have never met. When I was told my “regular”doctor was not available, I was asked which of the other doctors I would like to see. I replied, ”Well, I don’t know any of the other doctor’s; just get me an appointment with any doctor than will not remind me of a leprechaun, Doogie Hauser or Cher.” ( I don’t know where the Cher thing came from. Sometimes even I don’t know what I’m thinking about.) They gave me an appointment with Tim. I like Tim.

Tim gave me some antibiotics, steroids and some advice. Did I say gave? Tim gave me the opportunity to buy some antibiotics and steroids. The advice was free. Tim’s advice was, “If the meds don’t work, come back; you might have a little pneumonia. We can do a chest x-ray.”

I made a mistake and mentioned to Elaine what Tim had said to me, now she thinks I need to see Tim again. Hey, I’m not coughing all the time, just when I need to cough. Elaine thinks that I cough to much. How could she know that? She’s never been to med school.

I started thinking that maybe a chest x-ray might be a good idea. I started thinking that way when I coughed so hard I thought I dislocated my hip. I didn’t dislocate my hip so I quit thinking about it. Ivy didn’t seem too worried about it. She was with me and just kept walking. She said, “Are you coming? I need to open the store in five minutes!” (Sometimes I add stories like that so you remember these stories are about our yarn store, Your Daily Fiber.)

I’m almost out of my meds, and feeling better, most of the time. I was laying on the bed one night and Boy Twin asked, “Monner, should we take you to the hospital?” Then he went down stairs and told his sister and aunt he thought I was dead. Just coughing, little buddy, just coughing.

Elaine pointed out that I wrote about this subject last week. I told her, “I know that. I don’t have amnesia, I’m just coughing.

Speaking of Boy Twin, strangely, he asked me about my favorite teacher. I honestly couldn’t give him a name. I’ve had plenty of memorable teachers and good teachers, but I couldn’t come up with clear cut “winner”. I told Boy Twin that I feel good about my teachers, but I can’t really pick one or another.

I asked who he thought his favorite teacher was. He told me, “Well, this year its Mr. $%%^().” I asked what made him special. He told me, ”He spends the first five minutes of class giving the instructions for the work, and then he spends the rest of the class giving us “life” lessons. It’s great you only need to listen for five minutes and then you can zone out.” I asked what the “life” lessons were about. He said, “I don’t know, I’ve never listened.” Hey, I could have picked a favorite if I would have known that was the criteria.

Our crazy lives!


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