Chuck Taylor’s and Smart TVs

The middle school Christmas vacation is over and the twins are back in school. The twins had four days of classes before the next three day weekend. Yep, they get off for Martin Luther King Day. I’m not sure if the teachers need to ease back into the classes or the kids need to ease back. None the less, at this point, five days of classes would be just too much.

Winter sports started this past week. Girl Twin is playing girls basketball. Boy Twin is wrestling. I didn’t say boys wrestling because I guess girls can wrestle also. I’m not sure what I think of that With my first batch of kids, my son and daughter wrestled….and hit……and kicked. It never ended well. With my second batch of kids, Boy Twin and Girl Twin have wrestled….and hit…. and kicked. Heck, come to think of it, it never ends well there either.

Boys cannot play girls basketball. The reason for this is very obvious. Middle school boys are just to violent to play basketball with girls. Boys can act very aggressively at this age. Some boys might even foul the girls if allowed to play on girls teams. We as adults cannot allow boys to use their aggressiveness against girls in basketball. Coed wrestling makes way more sense.

I didn’t plan on writing about wrestling today. I wanted to write about shoes; basketball shoes.

Girl Twin is plying basketball. She has informed me she needs new basketball shoes.

Girl Twin: My feet are hurting, I think I need new shoes. Me: What shoes are you wearing? Girl Twin: My volleyball shoes. Me: Are they too small? Girl Twin: No, they are volleyball shoes.

I felt a lecture coming on. I was having construction language thoughts. I realized the shoes that we bought for six weeks of volleyball, somehow, were inadequate for basketball. I needed to know why the “volleyball shoes” wouldn’t work.