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Stock Show Yaks and Ear Infections

Today is the last day yaks are at the National Western Stock Show. I am not at the show. I will not be building my yak herd, at least for awhile.

We had plans to attend the Stock Show yesterday, but when it came time to go, we cancelled our trip. It was as if Elaine knew I was planning to bring home a yak calf. Bringing home a yak calf is not the kind of thing a guy wants to discuss with his wife.

Wives usually are not receptive to bringing home another yak, (Elaine is no exception) especially when the wife has been chased by a yak. If the wife has been chased several times by the same yak, it is even less likely that getting another yak would be a good idea.

This is how I was going sneak bringing home a yak into the Stock Show trip. A trip to the Stock Show usually takes five, maybe up to eight hours. We usually go to lunch at some point during the day. While Elaine and our friends were at lunch, I planned on excusing myself to the restroom. But I wasn’t going to the restroom at all. I planned on sprinting down to the yak exhibit and purchase a calf and be back at the table before anyone is suspicious of my real intent.

This takes a bunch of planning, plus a lot of luck. First, lunch has to happen reasonably close to the yak pens. Sadly, lunch needs to get closer to the yak pens every year, as I might be getting a little slower. Luckily, if a Santa Claus look-a-like in cowboy boots is sprinting down the aisles, people will get out of the way. I planned to tell Elaine it took a while to find a restroom and then I had to stand in line. Totally believable.

I haven’t thought out how I was going to explain how I came back to the table with a yak calf. I was just hoping no one would notice.

Anyway, it all worked out. We decided not to go to the stock show. Elaine doesn’t need to worry about being chased by another yak, and I don’t need to run in cowboy boots.


I’m over my bout of bronchitis. However, I passed it along to Boy Twin. Boy Twin actually had a couple symptoms I didn’t have. He has an ear infection.

Boy Twin handles sickness a little different than most. He waits until 2:00 in the morning before he tells anyone his ear hurts. We had some liquid cold medicine and got him back to sleep.

The next morning, Elaine was able to make an appointment for Boy Twin at the doctor’s office. The doctor told Boy Twin that most people are crying with an ear infection like he had. He told her, “It hurts worse if I cry.” She wrote a couple prescriptions and sent us home.

The next morning Boy Twin woke with blood draining from his ear. Elaine called the doctor again and was told that was to be expected. This is the reason going to the Stock Show seemed like a bad idea.

Yes, Boy Twin’s ear is the reason I do not have a new yak calf. But, I’m not bitter, well, maybe a little.


I didn’t get a new yak, but you guys shouldn’t feel bad. We still have yak fiber in the store, We have yak/silk blend roving available. Come in and touch it. Nothing is softer, at least until I have my own baby yak fiber next year.

Our crazy lives!


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