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The Forehead Test and Moving Upstairs

The common cold has attacked our family this past week. Boy Twin was kind enough to bring the virus into our house, and I want to thank him for it. Before you start trying to convince me I can't be sure it was Boy Twin, I would like to say that I'm writing this story and I'm blaming him.

All great history books are written through the eyes of the author from the research done by that author. I'm not saying, Monner's Mumblings is like a great history book; well, that's exactly what I'm saying. My research leads me to believe Boy Twin brought the virus into our home.

Boy Twin was the first one of our family to miss school or work. Well, that's not exactly true.

Elaine: Monner, Boy Twin is sick. He's not going to school today. I will stay home with him.

Me: What makes you think he's sick?

Elaine: He has a fever.

Me: Did you actually take his temperature? I think he has a test today.

Elaine: I felt his forehead.

Me: What?

Elaine: His forehead is warm. I'm going to keep him home. I will stay home and weave.

I'm pretty sure the decision was made and I wasn't needed in the decision making process, but I know when I left the house headed for work, Boy Twin was sleeping on the couch and Elaine was sitting at her loom.

The very next day Boy Twin asked to go to school.

Boy Twin: I need to go to school.

Me: I thought you're sick.

Boy Twin: The school is counting on me to run the 4x100 relay.

Me: Your test isn't important, but the relay is?

Elaine: I will stay home and weave today. I can come into town later to watch the track meet.

Me: Could you feel my forehead? I think you're giving me a fever.

Unfortunately, my forehead felt cool and I went to work, Girl Twin, however did benefit from Elaine's magic forehead feel. Sadly, for Girl Twin, her forehead “feel test” didn't take place until Friday afternoon. She didn't actually miss any school.

I'm not sure once again what decisions are being made without me, but I'm noticing some things. Friday afternoon, Girl Twin has the Elaine “feel-tested” hot forehead, but, Saturday morning her forehead is cool enough to go to the mall to pick out a dress for a dance.

OK, people can recover quickly. I understand that. What concerns me is, at 3:00 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning, I woke up to see Elaine giving the forehead “feel-test” to Girl Twin next to my bed. I don't like to be suspicious, but Elaine is not finished with her weaving and Boy Twin took a day off last week. I'm sure someone is not going to school and someone is not going to work next Monday.

After considerable consideration, I would like to remove the blame from Boy Twin and place it on Elaine.


We take customer service serious at Your Daily Fiber. Ivy believes everyone should receive as much attention as they need. Hey, I just realized why she doesn't want me to answer the phone or talk to the customers. Did I tell you she put my computer upstairs?

Ivy told me, "You really don't know anything about what we do here, you are scaring kids, people stare at you, and let's move you upstairs." It’s not a bad idea, but it's not my idea, so I can’t fully support it.

So, if you need to ask me a knitting/spinning/weaving question, I'm most likely upstairs. Ask Ivy to find me.

Our crazy lives!


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