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Father's Day and Something Else

Well, it's Father's Day 2017. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. My dad is long gone so I will spend the day with my children; both batches. Although it is 9:20 in the morning, I am typing and one entire batch of children is still asleep.

I might get to talk about yarn in a minute, but because it is Father's Day, I am going to pick another topic to start with. I have picked a topic that is on all of our minds........Dentistry! I don't like dentists. I'm not talking about dentists as persons, I don't like dentist as a choice of professions. I blame my mother for this opinion.

My mother started every one of my summer vacations with a trip to the dentist. Wait, it gets worse. I had to ride my bike to the dentist. Now, I realize the dentist lived in the neighborhood and his office was only a few blocks away, but kids don't want to ride their bike to something as unpleasant as a trip to the dentist and I was no exception.

Thinking only in the short term, no good ever came from those bike trips. Long term, well, that's debatable. Hairy hands, (that's how I remember them) sticking in your mouth, shots in your gums, (which didn't deaden anything, now I wonder if there was any numbing medication in those injections) Having some hairy-handed clown yelling, "Open your mouth' keep it open!"

OK, that enough about that. In 2006, I broke a tooth while working in Arizona. The tooth broke where a cavity was filled in my youth. I'm telling this story, so I am going to say, Dr. Hairy-Hands, must have weakened the tooth. After getting back to Colorado, I had a local dentist repair the tooth.

I decided to try a new dentist and found one that advertised really well. I liked him, shaved hands, no yelling, numbing medication that actually worked. Two thousand dollars later, I had a beautiful gold molar. Did I mention it came with a root canal? Well, we can talk about that later.

Last March I developed tooth pain, around my beautiful gold molar. Sometime between 2006 and last March, I had parted ways with the creator of my beautiful gold molar. I just can't get comfortable with these guys.

I found another dentist with the advise of a friend. Unfortunately for me, I was assigned to the referred dentist's partner. One hundred dollars of x-rays revealed infection around my beautiful gold molar. The dentist wrote a prescription for antibiotics and said, "The antibiotics should clear up the discomfort you are having. You have a small chip in the tooth above your crown that I can fix for $400. Someday we might need to "retreat" your beautiful gold crown."

Last week, the pain came back. Back to Dr. $400 Chip. "For $100, I can x-ray the tooth again." I said, "All that for $100, let's do it." The x-rays again showed an infection around my beautiful gold molar. Dr. $400 Chip gave me another prescription and another piece of paper with some advice. He said, "take a look at this paper, pick a specialist, I can't help you."

One of the names on the referral list was the same name as a singer from a sixties rock band, I picked him. (I did read his reviews on the internet) I made an appointment.

Things were looking up. Dr Sixties would see me the same day. X-rays were only $95. Sitting in the dentist chair (after the x-rays were taken) I was told I would would be seen by Dr. Sixties partner. Oh boy, here we go again. I had researched Dr. Sixties and no one else.

My wait for the dentist was soon over. I couldn't have been more surprised. The the endodontist walked in; SHE said, "Has anyone ever told you, you have a dental instrument stuck in your tooth?"

Even at this age I can process thing pretty quickly, but I was stunned. Here was a young lady, half my age, half my size, (Hey, I lost some weight, I don't know if its the gym, or it hurts too bad to eat. Oh sorry, must have been a squirrel) standing in front of me telling me I have a drill bit in my tooth.

My reply? "I think I would remember that!" That's when she said ,"don't worry, we have options, I can fix this." For the first time in my life I trusted someone in the dentistry field. She gave me three options.

Option #1 Drill through my beautiful gold crown. Hook drill bit and bring it back out the top. Redo root canal. (50% percent success rate, $1500)

Option #2 Expose tooth root by cutting and folding back gums. Cut bottom of root off and pull drill bit out the bottom. Put gums back in place, sort of. ($1500-$1800)

Option #3 Pull tooth replace with implant. Not done by this dentist. ($3000-$5000)

I have picked Option 2.


Ivy's Learn-a-Long starts June 29th. I don't get to attend. That should surprise no one. Check out the our Facebook page or website for details.


Hey,the second batch of kids are awake!

If you need to know who Dr. $400 Chip and Dr. Beautiful Gold are; call me. They are still in the area. Don't feel sorry for me, I needed a subject to write about. It's just part of..........

Our crazy lives!


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