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HAKYC and the Train Ride

Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl starts next Saturday. I know, you are either thinking, what's that? Or if you know what it is, you are mostly likely thinking, "Oh, poor, poor Monner."

For those of you who need help understanding what the Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is, let me try to explain. Let's start with the name, Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl. It is too long to type, so from here out we will call it, HAKYC. I think most of you will find this perfectly acceptable.

In the world we are living in, people don't like to type. We change every word we can to single letter. LOL, LMAO, WTF, (I think that one is construction language.) FYI. I've had to learn a new language to communicate with the twins. I guess I don't mind all these alphabet words, but I feel I wasted a year of my life.

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have to listen to Mr. Lynch, my 7th grade typing teacher. "Monner, stop looking at your hands." "Monner, you are the slowest typist in this class." Monner, you are not going to like your typing grade." If I would have know we were going to change words to single letters, I'm sure I could have got up to 35 words per minute. (WPM)

Hey, did you know spell check puts a squiggly red line under each of these new alphabet words? Maybe Mrs.Lynch was right.

I think I might have drifted off the topic again. Let me get a cup of coffee. I can read what I've written and try to get back on topic. Sorry, about that.

Ah, HAKYC. HAKYC is a celebration of a group of yarn stores in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. The stores give out prizes to customers that stop by to shop at all the stores. I'm not sure "shop" was the word I was looking for. Some of the customers don't actually shop, they just get the free stuff and leave. Those customers are not shoppers, they're more like stoppers.

Now you know what HAKYC is. What HAKYC means to me is something different. I haven't been in most of the stores. If I haven't been in the others by now, I probably won't ever be in them. I'm guessing the other stores are full of yarn and knitting needles. HAKYC means I'm going to be dyeing yarn (and maybe some project bags).

When the HAKYC is over, Elaine and I will be celebrating. Not the end of the HAKYC, but we will celebrate forty years of marriage.

Many of you are asking why Elaine would stay that long, I've asked that myself. She won't tell me.

We've decide to take a train trip. I don't think it's a bucket list thing. Both Elaine and I have been on trains before.

Elaine "enjoyed" a train ride to Salt Lake City with her mother and sister as a child. The views from that train must have been spectacular. She has always wanted to do it again.

My childhood train experience was equally spectacular. My train ride took me through a covered wooden bridge, (Let's call it a tunnel.) then past some of the finest picnic structures and through the tunnel again........and again. The best part of this train was a round trip ticket cost only a dime.

That wasn't my only train experience. There is a train east of Denver, Colorado that I've been on. This one has a tunnel also. This one is not as scenic. This train you rush in with hundreds of other people. If you can't beat at least ninety percent of the people into the train you don't get a seat. But that's okay, everyone without a seat can stand. People standing have a pole to hang onto, because unlike my other train experience, this train is really fast.

This train goes down into a tunnel (I love trains in tunnels). The view is not that great. I don't know if it is because the train is moving so fast or someone taller is blocking your view.

However, occasionally you get a glimpse of some pretty cool concrete walls and spinning fans. Ivy tells me the fans knock spiderwebs off the concrete wall of the tunnel. I don't know why they want to keep spiderwebs off the walls. Spiders seem to be the only wildlife visible on this train.

Spiders were left in the covered wooden tunnel. Spider webs were all over the rafters. Now that I think about it, it was kinda creepy. I wish they would have known about "spider knocking down fans,"

Anyway, Elaine and I are going for a train ride. I told Elaine, "Let's just wait another ten years and let the kids (We have two batches of them.) have a party for us at the Holiday Inn." I want to see photos of our wedding and compare them to what I look like today. People could come up and ask Elaine why she put up with me so long. But Elaine said, "I think I would rather go on a train trip."

So WTF, I guess after the HAKYC, IGOATR (I'm going on a train ride,) We didn't tell the kids. I hope they don't read this.

Our crazy lives!


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