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Senior Class Pictures and Invites to Homecoming

Life has slowed down a bit, at least for me. The twins’ are busy getting ready for the Homecoming dance.

Boy Twin is busy trying to keep his girlfriend. It seems she is not a big fan of his earrings. If the truth were known, I’m guessing that his girlfriend’s parents are not big fans of earrings and told girlfriend she doesn’t like earrings either.

I grew up in the late sixties and seventies. I know a little about parents having a problem with hairstyles and clothing. Did I ever tell the story of my senior class pictures?

I didn’t cut my hair during my junior and senior years of high school. My parents hated the length of my hair. When it came time to take yearbook pictures, my mother told me she would not pay for the photos if I did not cut my hair. Sadly, for my mother, I decided that was OK. I didn’t see a need for my picture in the yearbook. This devastated Mom and she decided to pay for the photo. HOWEVER, Mom didn’t like to lose an argument. (She might have passed this trait to me.) She had the photo altered and had my hair “cut” by the photographer. In my yearbook picture, I look a lot like “Moe” from the Three Stooges. I did cut my hair once just for my mom. My brother was getting married, I was in the wedding party and mom couldn't find a photographer that would alter all the pictures I was going to be in.

I’m not sure why did I told that story. I think it is because Elaine insists that I work on my shyness.

Getting back to Boy Twin. Boy Twin actually took his earrings out for a couple days. You might have noticed I mentioned earring(s). Yes, he pierced both ears. Actually, he pierced his right ear three times. No, he doesn’t have three earrings in his right ear. I guess piercing your own ear is more difficult than it seems. You need to get the earring so it sits perfectly perpendicular to the ear. It took three attempts. The back of his ear looks like Swiss cheese. OK, I exaggerated a little, it doesn't look like cheese. Cheese is not bloody.

I might have drifted a little again. Boy Twin removed his earrings and moped around for a couple days. After a couple days of Boy Twin, being sullen and rude to everyone in the house a miracle happened. He spent two hours on the phone with his girlfriend. (That was harder than it sounds. He needed to recharge his phone.) After the phone call, the earrings and the smile returned.

Boy Twin spent the weekend waiting to get together with the girlfriend. Every “plan” they made was changed and cancelled. I’m thinking the girlfriend’s dad is not as happy with the earrings as the rest of us. Last summer, girlfriend's dad told Boy Twin (right in front of me) to get a haircut. (Ah,ha, now I remember why I told that story.) Remember what happened to Samson when someone told him to cut his hair. Am I drifting again?

Girl Twin is not sure she is going to the Homecoming dance. She hasn’t been asked by anyone yet. The kids don’t really ask anyone to the dance, they “poster”. Don’t worry, I didn’t know what that means either. I guess the kids CAN’T verbally ask anyone to a dance. Now, to ask someone to the dance you must write out the invite on a piece of paper. After that, you photograph yourself holding the invite and post it on social media. The question should contain something cute or romantic. “Roses are red, violets are blue. I want to go to the dance with you.” Hey, I’m pretty good at this.

Ivy thinks I am not writing enough about the store again, and I do have a story. Ivy is teaching a lovely young woman to lace knit. This young woman has confirmed Ivy’s thoughts. “Monner should not be allowed to work in the store.”

This young woman told Ivy, “It is a little unusual when a man is working alone in the store.” Ivy said, “We’ve heard that before.” The woman then replied, “It’s really unnerving when he looks like he just walked out of the woods.” My mom tried to warn me.

Our crazy lives!


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