Dye Pots and Three Firemen

It was a lively week at YOUR DAILY FIBER this past week. I started dyeing the yarns that Ivy had shipped to the store.

Without getting technical (boring), I dye the yarn by heating the yarn to almost boiling in pots in our back room. Simple enough. What becomes hard is remembering to turn off the pots before we go home. In fact, the remembering part is so hard, Ivy trusts no one but herself to turn the pots off.

Years ago, Ivy earned the job of turning off the pots, as she was the only one that actually forgot to turn the pots off. Ivy turned some yarn into charcoal and herself into a worrying nutcase, all in one evening. Ivy (and I) went back to the store at 11:00 PM. It was a good thing we went back.