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School Sports

I have struggled with the school system with my second batch of kids. Not so much with the educational part of the school system; I'm talking about school sponsored athletics.

t Boy Twin is again trying out for the school wrestling team. Personally, I don't understand why he would want to wrestle. (I told you I struggle with this second batch of kids.) I tried to wrestle in school. After a week of grabbing and being grabbed by sweaty, stinky guys; I made the decision to just go home after school and do homework. OK, I actually watched TV. My mom thought I was doing homework. At least, I wasn't grabbing sweaty, stinky guys.

Boy Twin doesn't mind grabbing sweaty, stinky guys. After his first wrestling match last year he noticed his opponent smelled really bad. He learned a stinky uniform is a good weapon during the matches. He didn't wash his uniform even once last season. Of course, the other wrestlers were aware of the same "tip". Do you see why I went home to watch television?

He wants to wrestle for his school. Practices will start Monday at 6:00 AM. Did you get that? 6:00 AM!

I asked Boy Twin, "Do you think you are actually going to get up in time to be at school at 6:00 AM?"

Boy Twin: I have that figured out! Me: Well, since you are going to need a ride at 6:00 AM, you might want to share your idea. Boy Twin: You don't even need to take me, I'm going to live with Antonio or ........Jamie! Me: I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. Boy Twin: It's a great idea. You won't need to get up any earlier to bring me to school. I will be staying closer to school, so I won't be getting up any earlier. Me: But you haven't been invited. Boy Twin: Antonio said it was OK........and if that doesn't work, I will stay with Jamie. Me: Funny, I haven't heard a word from Antonio's dad. I just spent the last half hour talking to him, and he told me he was concerned that Antonio would not get up early and go to wrestling practice. Boy Twin: I'll go to Jaime's then. Me: Jaime lives in the mountains also. You will need to get up just as early. You are going to live with us and are riding to wrestling with me. (An old-fashioned parental decision.)

With that decided, I checked into the actual particulars of wrestling practice. It doesn't start at 6:00 AM at all. It starts at 6:30 AM. And now here is the part I struggle with; practice is only 35 minutes long. You can not even get sweaty or stinky in 35 minutes. What a waste of time! MY Sleeping Time! Now here comes the part that makes me crazy. School is not in session next Friday. The wrestling team will practice. Would you like to guess what time? Yep, 6:30 AM.

I will drop Boy Twin off at school at 6:30 am for a 35 minute practice. Then I will return at 7:15 to pick Boy Twin up. AND THEN!! I will bring Boy Twin back At 6:00 PM for the second practice of the day. This practice should last two hours. The coaches will extend the practice from 35 minutes to two hours.

Does anyone else see the insanity of this? I've got to go now. I'm going to need an extra nap.

Our crazy lives!


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