Sunday Brunch

I've got to hurry and write my story this morning. I have promised to take the family out for pre-holiday brunch. Can you imagine taking three generations of Sipes' at the same restaurant, at the same time? Remember, two of them are teenagers.

Getting socially active teenagers to family events, a parent needs to use their whole bag of tools (trickery, magic, guilt, bribery, and sometimes brute force).

Driving into town last week, I noticed a billboard advertising a new restaurant was opening in our neighborhood. OK, it was twenty miles from our home, but we don't have any restaurants that are any closer, so I am claiming this restaurant for our own.

I mentioned to Elaine we should take the family to the restaurant for brunch on Sunday. I like to support (as does, Elaine) local family owned businesses. So should you! Nothing irritates me more than people that come into a locally owned store, get an idea, then go home to order something from the South American River Company for free shipping. "Oh crud, I started drifting off topic. I'm in a hurry today! Sorry, I'm back on track as soon as I talk about brunch!"

Elaine suggested that maybe we should try the restaurant, just the two of us. She said, "You know the kids will never come with us, they're teenagers. Oh by the way, we need to pickup some breakfast cereal." I told her I would get them to go.

I told Girl Twin, "Grandma and I are taking the family to brunch on Sunday." Girl Twin replied, "I kind of was planning to spend the weekend at Cazzie's." "Hmmm, this is the first time I've heard of this plan. If you are asking for permission to spend the night at Cazzie's, the answer is no. This is going to be a family weekend", I replied. Girl Twin responded, "Why are you trying to ruin my life?"

I thought it might be a good idea to end the conversation right there.

Boy Twin had no plans to spend the weekend with friends. Of course, that didn't mean he would be receptive to a family weekend.

Me: Hey, we're all going to brunch this Sunday. Boy Twin: No thanks, I'm good. Me: Hmmm, I didn't think I made this an option. Grandma and I are planning a family weekend, brunch and then decorating the house for Christmas. Boy Twin: I like to sleep late on Sunday. You guys go and I'll help when you get back. Me: Grandma really wants you to go.

Did you notice I brought out the bag of tools with my response? I had to use trickery and guilt with that one. I hope I don't need brute force; that kid is too big to carry.

Oh, (construction language) it is almost time to go to brunch.