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Bing and a White Christmas

And so it is Chistmas.....Eve. The day began just like any other. Someone in the house needs to get up to let the dogs out. Elaine took first shift. At least she said she did. When the dogs woke me scratching at the door, Elaine announced, "I have already let the out once." Those words were actually mean, "It's your turn."

I had hoped that Boy Twin would be awake and let the dogs out. After all, it was just last night, he announced to the family, "I'm going to stay awake until Christmas morning!" I tried to bring him back to reality by reminding him, "Hey that's like thirty-six hours." He replied, "I know it's going to be great. I looked it up on Doogle; the record for a kid staying awake is over eleven days."

I wasn't as lucky as the parent who had a grumpy, sleepy, dopey, know-it-all teenager to let the dogs out for eleven days. My grumpy, sleepy, dopey know-it all teenager went to sleep as soon as he sat on the couch.

Well, that's the non-Christmas part of this story. Now for the Christmas part. Ever since Bing Crosby starred in that sappy Christmas movie, people long for a "white " Christmas. Well, last night Christmas got "white" and windy and cold.

When Bing's Christmas got "white" he put on a sweater, sat around a fireplace and sang songs about "dreaming for a white Christmas". Well, Bing, when my Christmas turned white I was still shopping. Bing put on a sweater, I was still in shorts. Bing was drinking hot spiced wine, I was in the grocery store. Bing was singing with his friends, I was asking Ivy which one of us forgot the coffee filters.

Today the ground is white, our family is safe at home. No one is singing, but Elaine is wearing a sweater and complaining it is too hot.

Merry Christmas from the Sipes Family, Your Daily Fiber, and Ol' Monner himself.

Our crazy lives!


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