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2017 is Done (almost)

Holy cow! Can it really be the last day of 2017? As with all years other years before, 2017 was certainly bittersweet.

The twins (second batch) started high school this past year. Talk about bittersweet. It seems they grew up overnight. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to like the high school years. High School is nothing like the high school of my youth, or for that matter even the high school of my first batch of kids.

Both twins have asked to attend New Year’s Eve parties this evening. This is a first. Elaine and I haven’t attended a New Year’s Eve party for years. Transporting the twins to parties away from home is a problem I didn’t want to have. Maybe the real problem is I am a generation older than the twins’ friend’s parents are. Elaine and I are not quite comfortable with what is acceptable for CHILDREN. OK, I’m going to say it. If you brought children onto this earth, LOVE them, TEACH them, CHERISH them, and above all, say NO to them. It will be all right.

I’m happy to say 2017 was a good year for Your Daily Fiber, Ivy and Elaine. Yarn was sold and knitting and weaving students were taught.

Looking back, I played an important role in the success of Your Daily Fiber. When Ivy said, “Hey Monner, the roof is leaking!” I remember saying, “Put a bucket under that drip, I’ll call the landlord.” As you can see, I did a lot for Your Daily Fiber this past year.

Well, I guess it’s time to get to the serious stuff.

I get up on Sunday to write this stuff, hopefully to make someone laugh. 2017 gave me plenty to write about. I celebrated forty years of marriage to my soul mate on a train ride through the Rocky Mountains. I went to Yellowstone. I watched fifty plus games of youth baseball. I didn’t get a haircut. I didn’t shave. (OK, Elaine may not be happy about a couple of those things. Yeah, Elaine thought it was too much baseball.) I could go on but you could just go back and read the past stories from 2017.

I lost friends in 2017, I guess that’s what happens when you live. I thank them for the laughs and times we shared. I would like to thank one special one that I could always count on to read my stories and comment about it. (I do appreciate comments. It’s hard to feed my ego without them.)

OK, this year is almost done. The Sipes’ family, Your Daily Fiber, and Monner wish you good health, and a very Happy New Year! Hug the people close to you and be nice to people. Oh yeah, don’t buy plastic yarn. Ivy and Elaine can help you with that. I can tell you where to put the bucket if your roof leaks.

Our crazy lives!


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