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Takin' Down the Lights

The holiday season is over. We will be taking down our Christmas tree today. We won’t take down our outside lights for a while. I not sure if it is procrastination or I’m just plain lazy.

Truthfully, I do like the outside lights and would leave them up all year, but even though “a man’s house is his castle”, well, that just does not apply to me. Elaine makes those decisions also.

I’m guessing in a couple weeks, on a Sunday, Elaine will say, “Are you ready to take the lights out of the trees?” I’m sure as you are reading this, you are thinking Elaine is asking me if I am ready to take down the outside Christmas lights. Nope! Elaine is telling me that the lights are coming down that day.

Our outside Christmas lights are not like most peoples outside lights. We don’t have lights on our house, we have lights in our trees. I know other people have lights in trees. Where it gets different is we decorate our trees that are over forty acres away from our house. Yep, we decorate trees at the exact opposite end of our property. We decorate trees where there is no electricity, trees growing out of the rocks. On top of a cliff.

It takes almost as long to hike to these trees, as it does to decorate them.

A few years back, while shopping in the Christmas section of the Orange Depot, I noticed they were selling solar powered Christmas lighting strands. I bought them thinking they were cool and I could put them on our fence. I was really excited about them while I was talking to Elaine. And then Elaine suggested “Let’s don’t put them on the fence, let’s put them on the trees.”

Me: What trees?

Elaine: Let’s put them on the trees on the rocks.

Me: You mean the trees at the other end of the property?

Elaine: Yes, go back and get more.

Have you ever noticed that with every good idea a man has a woman is behind him making it harder and more complex? Sadly, Orange Depot had sold every other solar powered Christmas lighting strand.

That didn’t stop Elaine. She had already been on the internet and found more lights in Cheyenne at a store called Menudos or something like that. (Sometimes my memory is not as good as it should be so I make stuff up.)

Elaine and I drove up to Cheyenne and we bought all the solar lights that Menudos had. Elaine was not going to let some other poor overworked husband install solar lights in their trees, on their rocks.

Over the years we have added more lights every Christmas season. Boy Twin has made it part of his Christmas duties to help with the installation (and removal). He told Elaine “I’m afraid Monner might fall off a cliff.” (These trees were not meant to be decorated.) God, I love that kid!

I’ve already picked up another couple strands off the 50% off rack at Orange Depot for next year. I’ll be a year older so hopefully Boy Twin still feels like he needs to help. You never know about teenagers.

OK, for those of you that read this and expect to learn something about yarn, I apologize. I don’t know a whole lot about yarn. However, Elaine and Ivy do! Stop by the store and let Ivy and Elaine help you with your questions. (I watched Ivy this past week help straighten out some poor woman’s project.)

We offer classes in weaving, knitting, crocheting and even spinning yarn. (Did you know that fairy tale pricking your finger thing couldn’t happen? All those years wasted that I have been afraid of spinning wheels and that could not have happened.)

Come in and talk to us about our yarns, knitting needles, wheels and looms. (Well, don't talk to me about that stuff. I will just point to Ivy or Elaine.) We use the brands we carry.

Our crazy lives!


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