Valentine Bouquets

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I know this because Ivy reminded me. She didn’t remind me so I wouldn’t disappoint her mother. Ivy was more sinister than that.

Ivy: Valentine’s Day is coming. I have an idea for the store. Me: That’s great. What’s your idea, and thanks for reminding me. Ivy: I’m going to make roses from yarn. Me: I’m not sure what you are going to do. Ivy: I will show you.

Ivy started wrapping a skein of white sparkle yarn around a green stick. When she was finished, she had a pretty white rose made from yarn on a long stem.

I was impressed and told her so. I told her she could make a bunch of white roses and put them together to make bouquets. That’s when she lowered the boom on me.

Ivy: That’s what we’re doing! I’m going to need you to dye some yarn in Valentine’s colors. Me: Why is it that you have an idea and it always means that I have work to do. Besides, your Mom likes white roses. Ivy: I’m thinking some pinks, reds and maybe a couple purples. Me: Were you listening to me? Ivy: Let’s get started!

Check out the bouquets at Your Daily Fiber. The colors are a gift from me. Ivy is really happy, this is truly a yarn blog.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our crazy lives.


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