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Trust, Ideas and Other Holidays

Well, Valentine's day has come and gone. We at Your Daily Fiber hope you spent some quality time with all (or at least one) of the significant people in your life.

Personally, I might have dropped the ball, albeit just a little. A typical Valentine's Day for my family usually means Elaine and I will be getting a little gift for the kids. Sometimes it will include dinner at a restaurant. Well, Valentine's Day fell on Wednesday this year. Wednesday is one of the days Elaine works at home and does not go to town.

Wednesday morning, Elaine asked me if I could pick up "a little something" for the kids for Valentine's Day. Of course always happy to help, I said, "yes." Historically, Elaine should have known better than to trust me; after all we have been married over 40 years. Therefore, she bears a little of the responsibility here. Actually it could be said this was her fault.

When I remembered I had not fulfilled my promise to Elaine, (It wasn't actually promise. She didn't ask me to promise. She asked me if I could pick something up, and I said, "Yes, I can pick something up." I did not say I would pick something up. I don't know exactly how to put that into words, so, I guess I'll just call it a promise.) I was on my way home. The brilliant thinker that I am, I remembered Royalty Soopers has a large Valentine's section. I'll stop there.

Unfortunately, I had the kids with me. Once inside the store, I sent the kids to the meat counter and I "snuck" over to the Valentine's section. Obviously, the other townsfolk remember this large Valentine's section, only the must have remembered the day before.

I was able to find a few things and placed them in the cart. When the kids and I met up after their errand to to the meat counter they placed the meat directly on the Valentine stuff. We all pretended not to know what was going on. But they were going to get a Valentine, it was just wrapped by a shopping cart.

In fairness to myself, I have written a love letter to each and every one of them including Elaine every (except one, when Boy Twin was in the hospital) year. Gosh, that even makes me smile.

Anyway, Valentine's Day was spent the way our life goes. Crazy!

I hope your Valentine's day was perfect. Ivy's yarn roses were a success. If you didn't get a chance to receive a bouquet, I think we have a couple left. I'm pretty proud of those roses.

I usually take credit for ideas, but this idea was all Ivy's. Of course, it should be realized that I chose the colors and dyed the yarn. I'm guessing that comes to about 51% of the finished product. Ivy is disputing the percentages, but she is not typing this. Feel free to stop by the store and share your thoughts.

Valentine's Day is not the only day to give or receive flowers. Did you know that March 8th is International working Women's Day? I'm sure someone needs yarn roses on that day. St. Patrick's Day? Maybe six green yarn roses to go with a pint of beer! These ideas are all mine! Stop buy the store.

Oh yeah, by the way, September is coming. You don't want to miss the WILD WEST KNITTING RETREAT. It is the only knitting, weaving and spinning retreat taking place at the 1880's Cherokee Park stagecoach stop.

Our crazy lives!


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