Hip and Neck Surgery and Oh yeah, Einstein

It was a tough week for Ol’ Monner. I had a couple friends have surgery this past week. One had his third hip replacement and the other had vertebrae fused in his neck.

I know you’re thinking, third hip replacement, did this guy have three legs? Nope, it seems those late night television commercials that advertise class action lawsuits for bad hip replacements parts are true. If you are involved in one of those lawsuits, you get a new hip and some money to boot. My buddy says it’s not worth it.

My other friend started losing feeling in his hands. He said his hands were numb for several months. He made the mistake of mentioning it to his wife. As wives will do, she made an appointment at the doctor for him. The next thing he knew he was laying on a hospital bed made by the same company that made my other buddy’s hip. (Sheez, I hope it goes better for this guy.)

So far, none of this story has much to do with me. I just made a couple phone calls to see how my friends were feeling. I listened to a story of how neck surgery is done. It's done from the front of the neck. I listened to how the doctor moves all the stuff in your neck in front of the spine. When I started getting a little queasy, I told my friend, “Oh (construction language) I’ve got another call, I need to go!” I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this, so I don’t think he will ever know I was fibbing.

My other friend told me that every time he was pain free, a physical therapist would come in and make him walk or would move his leg around until he was in pain again. I hung up on him also, but this time I really did have a call.

Now is time to talk about the part of the week that actually involves me and made it a tough week. I learned from the twins that I have wasted a part of my brain. Yep, totally wasted.