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Spring Break 2018

Well, it’s Spring Break. Oh no, not for me. Just for the twins. Your Daily Fiber will be open, and I will be building houses. Elaine will be designing and drawing power lines.

Oh, it’s not that bad, except for the drawing power lines part. Imagine sitting at a computer all day drawing power poles and power lines. Miles and miles of power lines and power poles. I’m getting sleepy just writing about it.

Elaine is the one that needs a Spring Break, but that just isn’t in the cards. Elaine has a couple ideas for breaks this summer, so she is going to be OK. Ivy will be taking a vacation with friends next month. Organizing simultaneous vacations in our family is almost impossible.

Girl Twin is skiing this week in Steamboat with friends of the family. Boy Twin had the “misfortune” of making the high school baseball team. Mandatory Spring Break practices ruined his chance at Steamboat.

Boy Twin will be at practice every day for four hours. The remaining twenty hours of each day, he will complain that he didn’t get to go skiing and ask for a ride to a friend’s house. He will get grumpier and grumpier, because he won’t waste time sleeping. He will nap at various times during the day but sleeping will be out of the question. The television will be on 24/7.

Boy Twin will break us down and finally we will take him to his friend’s house.

If Boy Twin hadn’t made that (construction language) team, he would be skiing. Elaine and I, and even Ivy would be smiling for a week. Oh well, Girl Twin is gone, I’m just sitting here grinning.

Knowing that Ivy, is taking a vacation next month, she is really pushing at the store. Well, she is pushing me. She has this idea for an Easter themed program. Every time Ivy gets some idea, I get stuck dying yarn, carrying stuff, building stuff or rearranging the store.

This idea is no exception. I will be dyeing and building. Ivy won’t let me say more, she’s like that. Stay tuned.

OK, I’m battling the 100 day cough and I’m done for the day. Come see the store.

Our crazy lives!


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