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Bony Fingers

Well, Your Daily Fiber is back to normal this week. If you read last week, you know it was a rough one for Ol’ Monner. If you didn’t read last week, let me tell you, it was a rough one for Ol’ Monner.

I might be stretching the truth about Your Daily Fiber returning to normal this week. Actually, nothing was normal.

Ivy’s first published pattern was released last week. Ivy would like to thank you for all your kind words that you left on social media. If you didn’t leave kind words on social media, you still have this week to do so.

Speaking of social media, be careful. If you choose to “like” Ivy’s sweater on social media, social media could be selling your “likes” to the Republicans and/or the Democrats. You could be labeling yourself as a “KNITTER” to a political party. I’m not sure how all that works so I’m not going to say anymore. (OK, I might be fibbing. I might understand more than I’m letting on, but Elaine says I can’t write about politics or she will take away my computer privileges. In our house, computers are a privilege and not a right.) Where was I going with that? Sometimes I even confuse myself!

Adding to the chaos of the week, Ivy went on vacation. Elaine had to cover for her at the store. Elaine usually works (electrical design) from home on Fridays. Yes, Elaine is still working on drawing plans to get that “green” electricity from the wind farms to your home. Those huge ugly powerlines we all hate; blame Elaine. Contact her in person at the store. Go ahead and pick up a couple skeins of yarn while you’re there. Sorry, I did it again.

Before Ivy left for her vacation, she told me about an idea she had for the store.

Ivy: I have some plastic Easter eggs; I’m going to need you to dye some Easter themed yarn and we will fill the eggs with surprises and stick them in the center of the skeins of yarn. As people use the yarn, it will release the eggs full of surprises. Me: What is Easter themed yarn? Ivy: Do what you want, no earthtones. Me: What I want to do is not dye yarn. Can’t we use some commercial stuff? Ivy: Just have it done when I get back.

Ivy didn’t stop there. She had another idea.

Ivy: When I get back, I want to start another weaving class. Me: What does this have to do with me? Ivy: Mom and I are going to need you to build some looms.

My heart sank! I was one week from saying good-bye to the last of our original llamas. I was still hurting. No time to grieve! Someone needs looms.

Ivy is working my fingers to the bone. Do you know what I get? Yep, boney fingers! Buy yarn!

Our crazy lives!


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