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Dyed Eggs and Yarn Fest (Not Going)

For those of you who wonder if I made the 40(+) mile trip last Sunday (Easter) to purchase egg dye, I did. For those of you who wondered who accompanied me on the 40(+) mile trip to buy egg dye, which would be no one? It seems watching downloaded television on a screen so small it fits on the face of a "smart" phone, is much more entertaining than going to the store with a lonely old man. OK, I’m not that lonely but it makes for a better story.

Me: Put your phone down and come with me to get egg dye.

Girl Twin: I'm watching my favorite show. You had your chance to buy dye.

Me: (I tried guilt.) Ok, I'll just go by myself.

Girl Twin: That'll be great. Can you pick up some orange juice?

I really didn't mind. The twins are usually asleep in the car by the time we get to the end of the driveway. Sometimes it’s nice listening when one or both of the twins stay awake and talk about the things at school. Like last week, when a couple of their school mates escaped from drug rehab in Glenwood Springs, stole a car and drove it to Fort Collins, dropped a kid off at the school and kept running. That’s the stuff the twins tell me, when their awake…. and not watching television.

Oh well, I just listen to sports talk radio. I know everything about the Broncos, even though I haven’t watched a game in years.

What does this have to do with yarn and Your Daily Fiber? Nothing! Let's get back on track.

Yarn Fest starts this Thursday at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Sadly, (he-he) Your Daily Fiber will not be participating this year. Oh, we talked about it. I told Elaine and Ivy; I didn't want to drag a bunch of displays and yarn out there to sell yarn when it sell pretty well in the store. Of course, my thoughts were completely disregarded, again.

Elaine and Ivy decided it was in our best interest to go. Here comes the sad (he-he) part, we forgot to send in the entry application.

I don't care how I won, but I won. We weren’t going. I suggested we invite the Yarn Fest attendees to the store Thursday evening for wine and cheese. The attendees can sample our house dyed yarn in our store. (I'm brilliant.) So here's the deal, You Daily Fiber's regular weaving and knitting night is Thursday night. We will extend the hours to allow the Yarn Fest attendees a chance to hit the store after Yarn Fest closes for the evening. Plan on stopping by.

Ivy's first knitting pattern was published this past month. Her second pattern will be released in June. If it sounds like I'm bragging, I am. She's pretty special. Stop in and chat. Schedule a class. I can tell you stories about what I do for the store.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. Elaine is telling me I need to be in bed. It's not that I think she's wrong, it's just I have stories to tell. This is for you!

Our crazy lives!


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