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A Nasty Cough

Yarn Fest is over, for the first time since it opened, I did not attend. I know, I said I didn’t want to be involved in Yarn Fest this year, but I wouldn’t have minded going as a visitor/customer.

I thought Elaine and I would go out to the yarn Fest and talk to the people we know. People like Elaine. They talk to her. They ask her what she’s working on, what shows Elaine plans on attending and then they will tell her:

Friend: I really enjoy your husband’s blog. Elaine: Thank you, this is my husband standing right here. Friend: Oh.

Yes, people really enjoy Elaine.

Elaine and I didn’t get to the Yarn Fest together because of this (construction language) cough/cold, I have. This cough has been going on for a while and at times, it is bad. Elaine forced me to make an appointment at the doctor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known for a while a trip to the doctor was inevitable. I was hoping I could beat the cough with time, just as if I could when I was young.

I don’t like doctors. Oh, I’m sure that there are some really nice ones, I just don’t know one.

Ten years ago, I had a doctor I really liked. He quit and closed his practice. I had been going to this guy for thirty years and just like that, he quit.

Doc: I’ve sold my practice and I am quitting. This is the last time I will see you. Me: You can’t quit. What if I have a cough and Elaine makes me come see you? Doc: I’ll get you hooked up with someone. There are bunches of new insurance rules coming and truthfully I never liked the billing and money stuff, I’m done. Me: What are you going to do? Doc: I’m going on a river cruise.

My old doctor did hook me up with another guy. I didn’t like him. When he told me I might want to consider shaving my beard, (because beards carry bacteria), I started to wonder about the guy. He had a beard.

For the last ten years, I have not been comfortable with any doctor. Hey, you need to have the perfect doctor. Doctors stick fingers and things in places, I don’t even like to look at. You need the right person for that.

Anyway, Elaine convinced me to go to Urgent Care. I saw a doctor who looked down my throat and said, “Wow, Its really red in there. I’ll bet it hurts.”

Doc: How long has this been going on? Me: The sore throat has been going on for about a week. Doc: You have a viral infection, take some over-the-counter stuff and if you are not better soon come back. Me: The sore throat has been here a week, I have been coughing longer, a lot longer. Doc: Oh, that’s different. I’ll give you an antibiotic. Next time don’t wait so long.

I didn’t want to tell her about beards, fingers and river cruises, so I just left. Sadly, Elaine went to the Yarn Fest alone. I wonder if anyone asked why her husband wasn't there.

Our crazy lives!


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