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I apologize for sleeping in this morning. I usually get up early on Monner’s Mumbling Day. The truth is I was up late last night.

Yesterday, when a dear friend asked what I was going to write about today, I replied, “I really don’t know.” I wasn’t lying. It had been a great week at YOUR DAILY FIBER. The sales were great. The twin hadn’t done anything to write about. I had some construction stories to tell, but they haven’t come to an end, so I will write those on another day.

I have finished every Monner’s Mumblings with the words “Our crazy lives”. I think this story is an example of why. You decide.

Last evening, Girl Twin came to Elaine and I and announced, “(My friend) ran away.” I asked, “Well, where is she?” This is a good enough friend that Girl Twin would know where she is. Girl Twin replied, “She will not answer her phone.”

Visibly upset, Girl Twin did her best to convince herself everything was OK. She texted, checked her social media sites for hours. No luck. Elaine and I went to bed (and fell asleep) watching the replay of the Rockies-Cubs game. (Which the Rockies won. Go Rockies!)

At 11:51 PM, I woke to something sneaking up the stairs to my room. (I’m a light sleeper.) It was Girl Twin. She said, “I know, where (my friend) is.” I told her, “Tell her to go home.”

Girl Twin: She won’t do it. Me: Where is she? Girl Twin: She doesn’t want me to tell you. She thinks you will call her parents. Me: Her parents need to know. Girl Twin: I promised her I wouldn’t tell. Me: OK, will she let me pick her up? Girl Twin: She thinks we live too far away and it is too late. Me: She’s right. But, we can’t leave her there. I imagine the police are looking for her, she will be arrested. Girl Twin: (After texting) She says we can come get her. Me: OK! Tell her when I pick her up, I’m calling her parents. Girl Twin: She says that’s OK.

It is now 12:06 AM, I am finding myself walking around with one eye open looking for my shoes. I am asking myself why am I headed to town, 40(+) miles away in the wee hours of the morning?

Now in the car:

Girl Twin: Monner, thanks. Me: Do you know how old I am? I shouldn’t be up this time of night. Girl Twin: Let’s think of it as an adventure. Me: Seriously? Girl Twin: Well, we haven’t done anything like this before.

My focus became to get to (My friend) before something bad happened, including getting picked up by the police. I was exceeding the speed limit. Not as much as when I left the dye pots on, but I was speeding. After hundreds of texts (maybe not hundreds) to (My friend), Girl Twin tells me the battery on her phone is dying. We are about to lose contact with (My friend).

(My Friend) has texted she is receiving texts from the police. Girl Twin told (My friend) not to text back, “The police are trying to track your phone.” Did I mention Girl Twin wants to be in law enforcement when she grows up? She know all the cop tricks. (Sorry, I drifted a little there.)

Girl Twin and I arrived in town and texted one last time. “Come out, we’re here!” With (MY friend) safely in my car, I called her parents.

Me: Mom, this is Monner. I have her. Mom: (the phone was silent for several seconds.) How long have you had her? Me: Just guessing about two minutes. (That was not the question I thought I would be asked.) Mom: Where was she? Me: At a 24 hour store; let me keep her tonight. We can sort this out tomorrow. Mom: OK, I guess. Me: Call the police and let them know she’s safe.

It was lecture time on the drive home. I have a lot of experience dealing with runaways. The twins’ father (my son from the first batch) was an expert at running away. I was an expert at looking for him.

I’m not sure how this ends; as I am writing this story, (My friend) is sitting across from me eating cereal.

You guys stay safe, hug your kids. They’re not like you. At least they're not like me! Hug them, scold them, above all talk to them. Rest assured, I will pick them up if needed, but let’s try to make this happen before 9:00 PM.

Our crazy lives! (I told you!)


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