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Paper Sacks and White Shoes

I didn't think it would take this long, but I have finally rested enough to write another story. Before I start with a new story, let me finish an old one.

If you are wondering how the runaway story ended up, so am I. The story ended like a sparkler on the Fourth of July. It fizzled for a while and then it just went out. (My friend) stayed at our house for two nights (per her parents request). The twins and I dropped her off at school Monday morning. She went home Monday after school and I have heard nothing since. This was definitely a story that was better in the middle than in the end.

I don't understand kids running away today. They're crazy, running away for real. I told my Mom I was running away one time. Mom put some of my clothes in a paper grocery sack, faked a couple tears and told me good-bye.

Me: I'm really going!

Mom: I know, that's why I'm crying!

I walked out on the porch, I looked in my paper sack and turned around.

Me: Hey, there is no food in here.

Mom: I know, I thought you could buy some food when you get to where you're going.

Me: There is no money in here.

Mom: I thought you could get a job.

Me: I think I will runaway some other time.

Mom: OK, I thought you might. You can keep the sack.

I think (My friend) might have realized she didn't have food in her backpack.

OK, let's talk about the 5K!

This was the third 5K the kids have talked me into this year. Before the first 5K, I decided to buy new shoes for running. Luckily, Girl Twin went with me to pick out the correct pair. I drove to the local discount sporting good store expecting to pick up a cheap pair of shoes. This wasn't going to take long. Try to get a pair for under twenty-five bucks and get home.

I picked out a pair of white shoes. I loved white shoes when I was young.

Girl Twin: Monner, you can't buy those shoes.

Me: They're perfect. They fit and they're under twenty-five bucks.

Girl Twin: Old, chubby people wear white shoes like that.

Me: Sounds like they're perfect for me.

Girl Twin: Get these orange and gray shoes.

Me: They're sixty-five dollars!

Girl Twin: And they're not white.

Last Sunday my orange and gray shoes "competed" in my third 5K. I wasn't looking forward to this "race" at all. Last month I was suffering from the nastiest cough I've had in years. I didn't/couldn't prepare for the run. Being the trooper I am I went with the kids (and Elaine) anyway. Plus, I had already paid my entry fee and I was going to get my "free" t-shirt.

Our family left the house at 5:30 AM. The race was held in the LoDo area of Denver. No one in the family was particularly excited to be there, except Ivy. Ivy was ready to run. Boy Twin was still sleepy. Girl Twin never likes to run. Elaine like the scenery. I didn't want to start coughing.

Ready, set, go! Ivy took off. I looked around and told Girl Twin, "Alright, let's get this over with." I started running down the sidewalk. Reluctantly, Girl Twin was running with me. The first 100 yards of the race on the sidewalk was nothing but painful. The uneven sidewalk jarred both of my knees and my left hip. I had to stop. Girl Twin was elated. The pain went away. I said to Girl Twin, "Lets go!" We started running again. It seemed like it was forever, but we finally saw the one mile placard ahead. A little over two miles to go.

Girl Twin and I stopped a couple more times and walked We should have prepared a little. With less than a mile to go Girl Twin said to me, "Monner, look!" There he was, the old, chubby guy in the white shoes; my white shoes. He was ten yards ahead of me. "Let's go! Those shoes are not going to beat me."

Girl Twin and I passed the guy in the white shoes. He obviously didn't like it and passed us right back.

Me: I can't get beat by those shoes.

Girl Twin: We can beat him and those shoes, Monner.

I turned up the speed on the orange and grays. We beat him to the finish line. I wanted to tell him to buy different shoes, but I was just too tired.

Ivy had her personal best time. I beat Ol' Chubby Shoes. It was a pretty good time!

Our crazy lives!


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