Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day weekend in America. I don’t like the holiday. I know it’s the start of summer. A lot of us are having picnics in our backyards, getting together with friends and family. That’s all good, and truthfully I bought a new bag of charcoal for the weekend myself. However, that’s not what Memorial Day is for. It’s for remembering.

This weekend is off to a bad start. Maggie (the Great Pyrenees) has totally ignored the fact that it is a weekend and woke me up every day before 5:00 AM. Today was no exception. Maggie scratched on the bed at 4:45 AM.

Me: Maggie, (construction language) it is 4:45 AM. You lay down! Maggie: You need to get up. It’s Memorial Day Weekend. You need to get up and remember. Me: I’ve been remembering for a couple weeks now. I can start remembering at 7:00 AM. Maggie: You are not going to sleep anyway. You know you are already awake, just get up. Me: Just leave me alone. Maggie: Suit yourself.