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Father's Day Sleep Overs

It is Father’s Day . I was chatting with a couple dad’s I know, when one of them asked me if I got breakfast in bed today. I giggled and said, “No I was the first one up (with Maggie, the Great Pyrenees). I made coffee and let the dog out. Elaine was getting ready to go to the game.

Yes, I spent my morning at Boy Twin’s baseball game. Boy Twin spent the night with another player so I would not need to get up and take him to the early morning game. It was a nice thought, however, since I had to get up anyway to make coffee and let Maggie out, well, it was a nice thought.

Boy Twin did yell Happy Father’s Day to/at me while he ran past first base during the game. The other dads mentioned that their son’s had not even done that.

Girl Twin called me on the phone as I was leaving for the game. She said, “Happy Father’s Day” when I answered the phone. Girl Twin was also on a sleep over, in Cleveland. Yes, Ohio. It gets better, the rest of the sleepover is in Vermont. A couple weeks ago she asked Elaine and I if she could go to Vermont with a friends’ family.

Now, I don’t know much about Vermont, but what I do know would not make me want to go there. Vermont has two old hippies that make ice cream with silly names. The state capital doesn’t have a Wally Mart or Silver Arches Hamburgers. What’s wrong with these people? OK, they have maple syrup in Vermont, but that is hardly reason to live or go there. Colorado has sugar beets, and truthfully, I don't need people to come see them.

Girl Twin: Can I go to Vermont with the twins to see their Grandmother? Elaine: When? Me: Forget when, how much? Girl Twin: We will leave Thursday before Father’s Day. I just need to pay for my food. We will be driving. Me: You won’t be here for Father’s Day? Wait, did you say they are driving? Girl Twin: Yes, to both questions. Me: HA-HA-HA, you, two sets of twins, and the parents driving to Vermont, HA-HA-HA (This family has TWO sets of twins.) Do you have any idea how long that drive will be? HA-HA-HA Girl Twin: I will have movies downloaded on my phone. Can I go? Elaine: Have their mother call me. Me: Watching movies on a phone, at least six days in the car, six people in the car (Dad’s not going) only a dog tied to the bumper could make this better. (I'm kidding about the dog, I just like '80s movies)

I found out later Dad’s not going, but the dog is. This can’t get any better.

I mentioned to Girl Twin if she is bringing something home, bring maple syrup. Do not try to bring home ice cream. Nothing is worse than melted old hippie ice cream.

Ivy has made up for everything. She has made this Father’s Day special. Love ya, kid. Maybe next year you and Boy Twin can fill a car with people and a dog and drive somewhere really far.

Our crazy lives!


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