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Another Trip

We’re all accustomed to me writing, Monner’s Mumblings on Sunday morning. The truth is this week’s adventure is not over yet, so I will be brief.

I am sitting at a picnic table at a RV camp in Coaldale, Colorado. Elaine, the twins and I are attending the Salida Arts Fair, where Elaine is selling her BEAUTIFUL hand-made garments. The twins and I (and a nephew) are doing the tourist thing.

So far the trip has been bad. Did I say bad, I meant terrible. I will let you decide how terrible when I return home on Tuesday. There is no place like home, no place like home!

Monner’s Mumblings will talk about broken tow vehicles, maybe two of them, a forest fire, no cellular service, a tree, a nephew (That will be a good thing) teen-age twins getting along, twins not getting along, a bank, (and a True-Value Hardware store) no credit cards except at Wally World, metal in my Mexican food and no water at our house.

There is a blue line under the previous paragraph, sentence. My computer thinks I have a run-on sentence. I know/knew that, and I don’t care!

tuned, I’m going to need to tell this story.

Our crazy lives!


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