Adventures are Fun?

Chapter I (Yes, this one has chapters.)

We’re home! In the words of Chief Joseph, “I will leave no more, forever.” Chief Joseph didn’t really say that, but he would have if he had been with our family on this trip to the Salida Arts Fair.

When Elaine told me she had been accepted in the Salida Arts Fair, I was, well, I was delighted and sad at the same time. I was delighted for Elaine. Elaine loves to be included in art shows.

I was sad because if Elaine is accepted in an art show, I’m accepted into an art show. Elaine is happy. Me, not so much.

When you don’t want to attend an art show anyway, and it starts off like this one, a person is totally justified disliking art shows.

Let’s get started. You might want to get something to drink. This could take a while.

The day (Friday) started out great. The twins helped with the packing . They were expecting an unplanned mini-vacation. They were excited and getting along. Boy Twin had actually asked Girl Twin to “come along”. That was highly unusual for him. Girl Twin was home from her car ride from Vermont for only eight hours and was given the option to stay home.

We left for Salida fifteen minutes earlier than planned. It was going to be a great trip. Leaving early for a four to four and a half hour trip is a good thing.

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