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A Beard

Are you getting excited? It is only a couple weeks until the start of the Hot August Knit Yarn Crawl. (Ivy is making me write about the store.) We will talk about that in a minute. I’ve got something to tell you.

Elaine and I had a date night last night. With our busy schedules we rarely get to go out alone. Don’t feel sorry for us; we spend almost every summer evening on our old deck sitting next to our (gas) fire pit until the (construction language) bugs make Elaine go in the house. I don’t think the bugs actually bite her, I think she might be sick of me asking what she thought of my last blog.

Anyway, before I get back to the store story, last night we were walking up to the front door of one of our favorite restaurants. I’m not sure it is one of our favorite restaurants or one that is convenient. Two women were coming out of the restaurant as we were coming in. One woman was appeared to be my age, the other younger.

As we were passing the women, the older one said, “I love your beard!” Stunned, I replied, “Hers?” (OK, I wasn’t stunned. I just can’t quit my comedy act.)

The woman turned to Elaine and said, “Are you married to this guy?” Elaine replied. “For forty-one years.” Stunned, The woman replied, “Then, I need to buy you a drink.” She walked up and hugged Elaine.

Could someone tell me what happened there. I’m aware I have a crazy life but does this happen to other people?

Let’s get back to the Yarn Crawl. (Ivy’s making me write this part.) I will be dyeing the 2018

Limited Edition Yarn Crawl yarn. We will be having a customer trunk show. (My idea) It might have been Ivy’s idea, but she is not writing this story. (Doesn’t it seem that my job is the hardest?)

We will have prizes and buttons plus 2018 Yarn Crawl bags for sale. Ivy and Elaine will be teaching, helping and asking me to get out of the way. Come see us.

Oh yeah, Ivy and I ran the Firecracker 5K. We both set personal records. I didn’t win. August 18th there is a race in town where the top finishers get a peach pie. I love pie. I might need to knock a couple people down.

Our crazy lives!


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