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Discounts and Peaches

The 2018 Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is over and now I can rest. It has been exhausting. Thank God, I have tabled my construction career this summer. My responsibilities for the Yarn Crawl were overwhelming.

Ivy put me in charge of the sales counter. I was stamping passports, giving out buttons and checking out customers, while Elaine and Ivy answered questions. I was especially good at handling the money transitions.

Ivy lowered prices on select yarns in the store. I needed to discount those yarns at the register. I developed a new method for keeping track of the discounts. When a customer placed their purchases on the sales counter, I would call Ivy or Elaine and tell them, “I don’t have my glasses and I can’t read the tags.” This method worked for everything, discounted yarn, non-discounted yarn, needles, everything in the store. I don’t think Elaine or Ivy realized what I was doing; but I was assigned another job.

Oh yeah, I should mention that I did have one sale that didn’t work out that smoothly. A customer’s purchases came to $7.51. She handed me a twenty dollar bill. And then she asked if she could give me $0.51. I said of course and handed her a five and three ones. Well, she didn’t call me an idiot, but she did say, “Is this right?” I don’t think I can get a fast-food job when I retire.

I became the greeter. I was pretty good at that, too. Customers would ask me if I was “Darrell” of “Dyed by Darrell”. Some people wanted to know if I write a blog. I don’t mind talking about myself, but I am curious. No one said I look much younger than the picture on the yarn label. Oh well, it’s a mystery.

We don’t get much of a break. We need to get ready for the Wild West Knitting Retreat, and even before that, we need to get ready for the Peach Festival 5K.

Yep, they talked me into another one. I hadn’t planned on running this race, and honestly I don’t know why I am. I guess the fact that Elaine and Girl Twin decided to run/walk, I decided I would also. Ivy decided she wanted to run and asked the entire family to run also. I was with Ivy when she asked Girl Twin to run.

Ivy: Will you run the Peach Festival 5K with me? Girl Twin: I don’t think so, why would I do that? Ivy: After the race everyone gets peach pancakes. Girl Twin: You should have told me that, sign me up!

I didn’t realize she would run for peach pancakes, I thought it would take ice cream to make her run. Ivy asked Boy Twin.

Ivy: Do you want to run the Peach Festival 5K with Girl Twin and me? Boy Twin: No! Ivy: You get peach pancakes after the race! Boy Twin: I’m too lazy.

It surprised me that Boy Twin turned down the pancakes. He loves pancakes. During the last school year, the school sponsored a March downtown for some protest. Boy Twin (and his friends) decided to march (sort of). It seems the March was scheduled on “Free Pancake Day” at one of the chain restaurants. When the March started the boys jumped on a city bus and rode it to the “Free Pancake Day” celebration.

I’m not sure how Ivy talked Elaine into the race. I been with Elaine over forty years, I’ve never seen her eat peach pancakes.

Me? I’m not even a fan of peaches. Oh, I can take them or leave them. My mom baked with peaches every summer. I don’t remember anything worth running 3.1 miles for. Cherries, those are worth running for.

Our crazy lives!


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