Discounts and Peaches

The 2018 Hot August Knits Yarn Crawl is over and now I can rest. It has been exhausting. Thank God, I have tabled my construction career this summer. My responsibilities for the Yarn Crawl were overwhelming.

Ivy put me in charge of the sales counter. I was stamping passports, giving out buttons and checking out customers, while Elaine and Ivy answered questions. I was especially good at handling the money transitions.

Ivy lowered prices on select yarns in the store. I needed to discount those yarns at the register. I developed a new method for keeping track of the discounts. When a customer placed their purchases on the sales counter, I would call Ivy or Elaine and tell them, “I don’t have my glasses and I can’t read the tags.” This method worked for everything, discounted yarn, non-discounted yarn, needles, everything in the store. I don’t think Elaine or Ivy