Labor Day and Another Chapter

Wow, another Labor Day weekend. The last three weekend of the summer. People all over America are enjoying camping, barbequing and just relaxing. Not Monner. I get to work on Labor Day weekend. It is my fault, sort of.

A few years, someone in the upper mid-west called the store and asked if I wanted to donate products to a knitting retreat. I didn’t even know what a knitting retreat was. Ivy explained knitting retreats to me and I decided, I didn’t want to donate to one, I wanted to have one. That’s where it started to go bad for me.

Ivy: That’s not a bad idea. Elaine: Where would we have it? Me: How about where Ivy worked, Cherokee Park Ranch? Ivy: Let me take care of that! Me: This is going to be great! Elaine: You need to slow down, let Ivy and I get this done. Me: Well, I can……. Well, I can……… Ivy: EXACTLY, there is nothing you can do, so let Mom and I handle everything.