No One Wants to Do!

I woke up this morning (with the help of a Great Pyrenees named Maggie.) RELAX! I’m not going to tell a story about the dog waking me up again. I’m going to tell a story about after I woke up. If Maggie sneaks into the story, it is not my fault that she annoys me.

This story starts when Maggie is outside and I am doing the things I do on Sunday mornings. I make the morning coffee, walk around opening one eye at a time and eventually turn on the computer. (I miss the good, old days when a person could let the dog out and pick up a newspaper off the front porch. Oh well, I miss a lot of stuff.)

When I turned on the computer, the first thing I saw was an article that was titled “30 cities that are adding jobs no one wants!” You saw it too, didn’t you? Did you read it? Our city is on that list, plus another city a few miles down the road. For those of you who are not familiar with our area, the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains has become one big 200 mile long city. OK, that’s the backstory. (I’m most likely going to say something about Maggie in a minute.)

After taking the summer off from construction, (various reasons) I have returned to find the article I reference on the computer this morning is absolutely correct. But sadly, the article leaves out an important part. Even people that have jobs (including me) don’t want to do them.

Last week, my employers asked me to start a new construction project minutes from my original project.

Boss: Hey, we need you to start a new project close to your window project. Me: You mean we are starting another project no one wants to work on. Boss: Well yeah, but this project will go better, we have better contractors on this project. Me: Whatever. Boss: We can start the new project Thursday. Me: Whatever.

Believe it or not, the project started Thursday. We had surveyors on the site placing those little sticks and flags telling the workers where the building is going, where to dig,