Two Rules Broken

I broke a couple of my rules this week I feel terrible for having done so.

I try to practice what I preach. I have never bought anything from the Nile. I have had a family member order something for me, but not until I am positive I cannot get whatever in my town.

I never buy coffee from the big political guys from Seattle. I broke that rule Friday. If I had been able to get a coffee at a Mom and Pop, I wouldn't be confessing this story right now.

Friday, I was ready to start my one hundred mile journey home from work. It was snowing heavily and the road was getting icy. In the early days of my construction career, I spent years commuting to the state capital and beyond. Literally, many times (maybe hundreds) those commutes were in snowstorms. Reminds me of the time, I drove home from Amarillo, Texas

pulling a trailer in an eleven hour snowstorm. (Monner, finish one story before you start another. Was that first person or third person?)

Anyway, a whole bunch of coffee was drank on those commutes. I knew I had a long, slow drive home. Experience told me to get some coffee.

I called Elaine and told her to expect me in about four hours. I was going to get some coffee and start driving. My construction project is in a shopping center anchored by a store with a big red circle on their walls, PetIntelligent and Jill-Ann's. There is a free-standing Green Political Coffee building in the parking lot. Their is also a GreenPolitical Coffee in the Red Circle store. Green Political Coffee didn't leave any opportunity for Mom and Pop.

I needed coffee and it was snowing hard. I had to choose. I could try to find Mom and Pop, or I could support the Big Green coffee. It seemed others were faced with the same dilemma and chose the free-standing Green coffee building. Fifteen cars were waiting in the drive-up lane. I chose to try the Red Circle, Green coffee store.<