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A Long Weekend

Well, it's here. The weekend to end the summer is upon us. I am pretty sure I didn't get everything I had planned, but it was not for trying. My helpers (the twins) had other agendas. Anyway, that's enough of that.

After a short discussion with Elaine, we decided to have a bed of summer barbeque. We didn't agree on the guest list, but we did at least agree on the barbeque. Elaine wanted to hold the guest list to the twins, Ivy and Elaine and me. I was hoping for the twins to bring their friends and maybe a couple of rifles.

Do you have any idea how fast a couple of young cowboys/girls with rifles can take care of a magpie problem? The secret to this is you need to bring up the cowboys before they are old enough to drink. The last thing I need is cowboys with guns on beer.

In my mind, I had devised a game where one magpie is worth twenty points. Once a cowboy/girl has achieved forty points he/she could exchange them for a hotdog, hamburger, or brat. Do you see where I'm going with this barbeque thing? What did you really think I wanted to feed a bunch of heavy-eating teenagers?

Elaine's thoughts will ruin everything. Boy Twin is bound to take out a few egg-stealing magpies, but I will need to feed anyway. Elaine will make me feed Girl Twin regardless of her benefit to my egg situation. Ivy will most likely participate in the magpie total, but it will be hard not to feed her because she bought a lot of the food. Me? I'll be running the grill and playing master of ceremonies issuing hotdogs/hamburgers/brats and Ivy's ribs.

The story I just told is how it should be. Now let me tell you how it is.

Me; Hey, Grandma and I want to have a barbeque this weekend. Will you come? Girl Twin: I'm moving this weekend, What day and how long will it be? (2nd time this year her group of friends was kicked out of their condo)

Me: You pick the day

Girl Twin: I guess I can come up Sunday.

Hey, Grandma and I want to have a barbeque this weekend. Will you come?"

Boy Twin: What day?

Me: Girl Twin picked Sunday.

Boy Twin: Yeah, I can come.

Me: Bring your air rifle. Boy Twin: OK

When Boy Twiin moved out, he moved in with his friend's family in town. He lives almost rent-free, however, the family requires him to perform duties around the house. A good deal for Boy Twin, with one negative caveat. The family is building a new house in Nebraska. Boy Twin is expected to go to Nebraska to work on the house during this three-day weekend. He told them he is going to a barbeque at our house. An argument ensued. He told me he would work in Nebraska on Saturday, be at our house on Sunday and be back in Nebraska on Monday. I suggested he tell them to get (construction language) and move home or in with Girl Twin. But there is that cheap rent.

I think I might need to up the ante on magpies.

Next week I/we will be in Salida, Colorado for the Salida Fiber Festival. Elaine has been a participant in the festival for the last few years. I go along to carry stuff and share my expertise with, well, anyone who will listen. Sometimes it amazes me how little interest people have to learn from an expert like myself. Their loss but it does hurt a little.

I would like to thank you guys for the orders we received this week. Yea, Phoenix! We are looking at new products to arrive soon. Stay tuned. God Bless.

Oh yeah, when we closed the brick-and-mortar the building sat empty for a while. The building has been recently leased. Would you like to guess the name of the company that rented our space? Yep, Magpies. Irony!

Our crazy lives!



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