A Long Weekend

Well, it's here. The weekend to end the summer is upon us. I am pretty sure I didn't get everything I had planned, but it was not for trying. My helpers (the twins) had other agendas. Anyway, that's enough of that.

After a short discussion with Elaine, we decided to have a bed of summer barbeque. We didn't agree on the guest list, but we did at least agree on the barbeque. Elaine wanted to hold the guest list to the twins, Ivy and Elaine and me. I was hoping for the twins to bring their friends and maybe a couple of rifles.

Do you have any idea how fast a couple of young cowboys/girls with rifles can take care of a magpie problem? The secret to this is you need to bring up the cowboys before they are old enough to drink. The last thing I need is cowboys with guns on beer.