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Careers du Jour

Though not officially, the summer has started. The twins have moved on from graduation parties and are starting to settle in.

Both twins have changed life plans several times during the beervirus years of high school. Girl Twin, for instance, spent her childhood wanting to join the police force. Yep, a cop. A five-foot and not much and maybe hundred pounds cop. I think she had dreams of placing handcuffs on Ol’ Monner and throwing him into the back of a squad car.

Current events changed her thoughts on a career in law enforcement. Elaine and I have explained law enforcement doesn’t always mean being a beat cop. Maybe a career as an attorney, she certainly knows how to litigate (argue). She might need to lose the eye-rolling habit, at least in a courtroom.

Anyway, law enforcement appears to be behind her. For the last few years, she has been drifting to ranching. Yep, cows, horses, pickup trucks, and cowboys. She has had an interest in horses since childhood. She has driven a pickup truck since obtaining her license, but clearly, the interest in cows and cowboys is new.

It’s not as crazy as it seems. We live in cattle country. She has been surrounded by cows her entire life. Actually, driving to town yesterday, Elaine and I were delayed twice, by two old-time cattle drives stopping vehicle traffic while four horse-riding cowboys and cowgirls push a couple of hundred cows down the road.

At least for now, it looks like ranching is the career du jour after a summer of boating, fishing, and making sandwiches at the local convenience store/restaurant.

Boy Twin is another story entirely. He knows exactly where he wants out of life. He is planning to be rich. Of course, how he gets there changes as often as he changes his socks and underwear.

Boy Twin plans on some kind of business degree leading to a life of luxury. Oh, he plans on needing to actually work to implement his plan, but it shouldn’t take him very long. One plan he has is to go to a state like Nebraska and develop some land. We have had several conversations about whether Nebraska needs developed land. This plan might need a little more refining. Hopefully, the business degree will help with that.

Recently, Boy Twin has mentioned he might need to table his business/land developer career for a career he discovered watching on SomeTube on his “smart” phone. He has mentioned moving to Alaska to (are you ready) gut fish. Of course, he would not consider this as a lifetime career. This is just to get enough of a cash reserve to start a land development company in Nebraska.

I didn’t know a person from Colorado could dream of gutting fish day after day after day, but according to SomeTube, they can. Supposedly, it is very lucrative if you can gut fish quickly. Personally, I don’t watch SomeTube videos, so my knowledge of gutting fish is minimal. I can only guess that the work would be wet, bloody, and it might smell a little. I hope he is careful, he gets queasy at the sight of his blood. Ok, so do I.

Boy Twin also is following the career du jour path with just slightly more of a plan than his sister. His plan could have a big snag. He has a “friend” that might be included in his plans. A friend who plans to attend college in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I’m not sure that gutting fish in the Virgin Islands is a commercial venture. This has the potential to change everything.

Elaine and I (and Ivy) spend a lot of time smiling. When the plans actually materialize, we will offer support. For now, we sneak up to our bedroom and giggle. But hey, if you want God to laugh, tell him your plan.

One thing is certain, neither twin wants to sell yarn. That’s my dream, except for that lifting heavy boxes thing. I hope you continue to dream of buying yarn…..and stuff related to yarn.

Our crazy lives!



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