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Chapter 2

A quick backstory before we get started.

I don’t remember if this was done intentionally, but it has been this way for years. Elaine has always slept closest to the window, which leaves me closest to the phone. Elaine also controls the thermostat, which has nothing to do with this backstory, but I thought you might want to know why I am cold and grumpy all winter.

Backstory #2: As I have written, living in the country, people need to depend on their neighbors for help. Sometimes, you need to help your neighbor even when you would prefer not to.

Sunday, 2:51 AM. The phone is ringing. It has been my experience that phone calls at 2:51 AM are not good news. I checked Caller ID; it said the call was from RESTRICTED. The phone continued to ring. It wasn’t going to stop, I needed to answer the phone.

Me: Hello? Caller: Elaine Sipes? Me: I’m her husband, how can I help you? Caller: This is Officer ______, of the Fort Collins Police Department

My heart sank. I knew Ivy was safe and sound. I had talked to Girl Twin earlier that evening. I knew her plans were to stay in town. Boy Twin had avoided all contact this evening, but historically I could guess he was staying in town also. I was thinking really bad thoughts.

Caller: May I speak with Elaine? Me: It’s three o’clock, she is sleeping. How can I help you? Caller: We believe Elaine can help us with a run-away teenager case. Me: She is awake, what do you want to know? Caller: We have the teenager in custody. We are trying to contact his parents.

It might be a good time to read last week’s story. This is the same kid.

Me: I think we might have a phone number for them. Caller: We have a phone number, but the parents are not answering. Me: What are you asking? Caller: We have sent the county deputies to the house for a door knock, welfare check, the deputies are at least an hour away. Me: We live literally three miles away from this family. It is the middle of the night and we are not dressed, you need to send the deputies. Caller: Do you suppose you can give us the phone numbers you have; we’ll try that.

I did ask Elaine if she wanted to drive over to the parent’s house. We were awake anyway. The story ends (I hope) on a high note. I was able to watch an episode of “Gold Rush” that I must have missed before, trying to get back to sleep. Elaine just pulled blankets over her head blocking the light from the television. She was asleep within minutes in our freezing cold bedroom.

Next week, I hope to tell Your Daily Fiber Stories. In the meantime, we will just count on you to buy yarn.

Our crazy lives!

Monner (and Deputy Elaine)


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