Chapter 2

A quick backstory before we get started.

I don’t remember if this was done intentionally, but it has been this way for years. Elaine has always slept closest to the window, which leaves me closest to the phone. Elaine also controls the thermostat, which has nothing to do with this backstory, but I thought you might want to know why I am cold and grumpy all winter.

Backstory #2: As I have written, living in the country, people need to depend on their neighbors for help. Sometimes, you need to help your neighbor even when you would prefer not to.

Sunday, 2:51 AM. The phone is ringing. It has been my experience that phone calls at 2:51 AM are not good news. I checked Caller ID; it said the call was from RESTRICTED. The phone continued to ring. It wasn’t going to stop, I needed to answer the phon