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"(Construction Language), Goose!"

Karma. I can't say for sure but I feel the karma bug bit me. Fifteen or so years ago, I started writing these stories to promote knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and all other fiber arts, You might have noticed but lately, I have very little to say about any of that.

I'm not sure if I am totally to blame for omitting that fiber stuff from my stories. We closed (or it was closed for us) during the great beervirus epidemic of the 2020's. That took away the opportunities to write cute stories about customers coming into the brick-and-mortar store looking for advice from Ivy, Elaine, and especially me.

I'm not dyeing yarn, even though Elaine has been asking me, for the last year to start again. I don't have cute stories about spilling a pot of dye or leaving on the heat source and almost starting the building on fire.

No, I don't write stories about fiber stuff much any longer. Instead, I write stories about yaks and puppies and people falling down stairs. I've even written stories about plastic shoes.

I think that was the last straw. The fiber God's were not going to take anymore. A dose of karma was issued.

The puppies follow me EVERYWHERE I go. I was taking a shower, and Goose (black-faced puppy) was outside the shower. He ate my favorite plastic reptile shoes. Karma! Lucky for me, I have three more pairs. Take that Karma.

Oh yeah, for those of you wondering, I usually wear them in "sport" mode, unless Goose eats the strap. Then I wear a different pair.

God Bless, Love ya, buy yarn

Our crazy lives!



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