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Has another week passed? It has been a blessing that Elaine is extremely busy with her electrical design career. You guys may not know this, but electric transmission lines are actively being designed, for the country's future electric needs. Of course, they were being designed before and they will be worked on for many years in the future.

Being confined to home waiting for my pending surgery (we will talk about that in a minute.) I have the pleasure of watching Elaine work with the engineers designing multiple powerlines. With modern technology, Ellaine can talk to an engineer in Durango, Colorado, and another engineer in town from her home “office”. I use the term office loosely because it is nothing more than a big desk in our dining room. Elaine has asked me not to walk by while she is “zooming” with the engineers. I guess they can see me, and might not appreciate that I may or may not be dressed with more than gym shorts. Sorry, none of this has anything to do with the story.

Anyway, back to the story, since our recent activity with law enforcement and runaways, Elaine doesn’t feel as comfortable living here as she once did. Windows in our home that have not had shades since we have lived here are now needing to be covered. Evidentially, due to the runaways' peeking in windows before knocking on doors or something. One night this past week, I was enjoying an episode on how to correctly brine a turkey on the Food Network, when Elaine said, “I’m going to put curtains on that door.”

Me: Huh, oh, OK. Elaine: I will need to get some fabric. I think I’m going to get some fabric that matches the couch. Me: Huh, oh, OK Elaine: Of course, I will need to put a backing on the curtains to keep the sun from destroying the curtains. Me: Of course (Thinking, looks like the turkey is going to be dry this year) Elaine: Maybe you would like to go with me to pick the fabric. Me: Boy, would I.

If Elaine weren’t able to work on the powerlines, she would be thinking about strangers peekin' through the window of our front door. It is quite possible that someone could have peeked through that window for the last fifteen years. (We did have a curtain years ago.) Now, because some(construction language) for brains kid, decided to look through our window and knock on the door on a snowy dark night. I find myself discussing curtains and curtain backing. Not to mention buying and installing new locks. I'm not working buying curtains and locks is not what we need right now.

I do appreciate the opportunity to go fabric shopping. My pending surgery has had me confined to home. I will use any excuse to get out of the house, including doctor visits and conferences with an attorney.

Some of you have asked for surgery updates. I thought (and hoped) I would be able to schedule surgery this coming week. Nope! Not going to happen. The surgeon and his staff are taking the entire week of Thanksgiving off. I can’t even talk about a date until they get back.

I guess I can look forward to picking out fabric for curtains, and maybe I will ride along to buy the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner.

Orville and Wilber (our turkeys) are going to survive this Thanksgiving. Girl Twin’s male friend and I had planned that at least one of the turkeys would join us at the table for Thanksgiving, but after considerable kickback from Elaine, it looks like Orville and Wilbur will be walking around the yard on Thanksgiving Day.

Our family, Your Daily Fiber, and especially Ol’ Monner, himself, wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. We will be open Friday for your yarn and accessory purchases.

Our crazy lives!



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