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Empty-nest Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It's a different-looking Christmas, but it is still Christmas. So many things have changed. This is Elaine's and my first empty-nest Christmas in more years than I can remember.

That's not as scary as it sounds. There are a whole bunch of things I can't remember. They tell me it is old age, but I think it's desire.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, an empty-nest Christmas. We have a Christmas tree (which I wrote about) just like every other Christmas. It was decorated by Elaine and both batches of our kids. No big change there. The Christmas stockings which typically have been hung on the stairs are folded neatly one on top of each other under the tree. I could hang them myself but I can't get in the mood.

Just like every previous year, Elaine has asked the kids what gift(s) they are hoping (expecting) Santa to bring. Previously this could be done verbally. This year it is/was done by text. I'm not complaining, it's just a little different. I think it was nicer when the kids just acted like you weren't talking to them, now they just don't return your text.

Having recently retired, makes this Christmas feel weird. This is the first year since I was a kid that I am not earning a paycheck. Oh, I get one of those government checks that the Democrats tell me the Republicans want to take from me. I'm pretty sure it was LBJ who started "borrowing" those government checks. Wait, a minute, did this story just take an ugly political turn? I apologize, I guess I'm just embarrassed at having no income.

I thought about getting a part-time old-person job, but then I realized I would need to leave the house and be someplace on time, probably wearing a uniform with a paper hat. What happened to my Christmas story?

Elaine still has income because she continues to work. She has been buying Christmas stuff to decorate the outside of the house including the property. We have solar-operated Christmas lights in the trees and on the fences several hundred feet from an electrical source. I know this because I have been the one to hang the lights.

In past years, Boy Twin was the helper with the exterior lights and eventually worked his way to being in charge of lighting a rock formation at the other end of the property. We won't light the rocks this year for two reasons. First, Boy Twin doesn't live here. Second, the rocks are still covered with the Thanksgiving snow making them too dangerous for this old retired guy.

Considering all of that the weirdest thing about this empty-nest Christmas is we won't have any kids spend the night on Christmas Eve. One kid will be on call on their job and needs to be available in town. One kid will be taking care of their cat. They could bring their cat to our house on Christmas Eve, but that would mean there would be a cat in my house.

I love Christmas, and this one is no different, even though it is different. I hope your Christmas is also great.

Yarn makes great presents. Handmade sweaters and handmade socks can't be beaten. I don't wear sweaters or knit socks, but you should do as I say, not as I do.

Have a Merry Christmas, love ya, God Bless and buy yarn.

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