Every eighteen years

I’m a little late with the story this morning. I’ve had a hectic morning. It is snowing. According to weather forecasts, the snow continues.

Elaine and I moved to our mountain home eighteen 18 years ago, this weekend. That weekend caused me to wonder if we had just made the biggest mistake of our lives.

Before we got all of our furniture moved from town to the new mountain house it started to snow. Being a male of German/Russian descent, I had made the decision not to hire a moving company and move our belongings myself. This decision was the exact opposite of the advice given to me as a child by my Uncle Lawrence, who said “Never do anything yourself, you can pay to have done for you.” Some lessons you just have to learn yourself.

Elaine and Ivy helped move our furniture “up the mountain”. This story will not contain any information or opinions about Elaine driving a pickup pulling a trailer for the first time. It will add nothing to the story that after that trip that the pickup box needed to be replaced because somehow the trailer hit the truck pulling it.

We learn so many lessons that weekend. During that week, weather forecasters started speaking about a snowstorm of historic proportions was coming. I listened to what they were saying and took the advice “with a grain of salt”. I have no idea what that means. If you live in Colorado, you learn that weather forecasters can be wrong. OK, they are almost always wrong, but not this time.

Elaine, Ivy, and I moved our bedroom furniture to our mountain home. It started snowing. Before long it became apparent that we were not going to get any more furniture moved to the mountains. Our beds, toiletries, and such were in the mountains and we were stuck at lower elevations. Elaine and I ended sleeping on the floor of our “town” home for the next few days. Ivy stayed with her friends.

It took a few days to get up to the mountain home. Our mountain road was one of the last to be plowed. Once there, we found nearly four feet of melting snow. (12” had melted) according to neighbors.)