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Finish the Story

Well, I might as well finish the Father's Day story. As I wrote last week my Father's Day started like dog (construction language), literally. As the day went on it got a little better. I went back to bed, after a poor job of cleaning up, I might add. Come on! Accidentally finding dog (construction language) on the heel of your right foot (TMI?) at 1:00 AM on Father's Day is not what you want to take care of. Procrastination works well at times. Besides, I knew I needed to get up in six hours and write a story. Where was the dog (construction language) going to go?

At 8:oo AM, I received my first Father's Day present from the family. Elaine got out of bed and cleaned up the dog (construction language). I would have gotten to it, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise of my first gift of the day, plus I need to write stories.

After that, the day started pretty much like every other Father's Day. I make coffee and spend a minute or so on social media, check baseball scores (in the summer), and start writing.

Elaine drinks coffee and checks social media and a website that gives her ideas. It usually is quiet time the only noise is coming from me hitting the keys on the computer. Until! That website inspires Elaine. Inspiration can come in many ways. It might be that she has found an idea that relates to her fiber arts. It might be a new piece of furniture she likes. It could be something that I could build in the yard. (I'm retired and have time to build things.)

Recently, Elaine has been inspired by recipes she has found on this very website. But, Elaine doesn't cook. Oh, she helps occasionally, as I help clean. (OK, I made that part up about me cleaning.) I hate that website and all its ideas. I especially hate that website when I am being shown something from it while I'm typing. I am not able to create great literature being interrupted with recipes.

I think I might have drifted away from talking about my Father's Day. When the story was written and published on social media, it was time to relax and enjoy the day. Both batches of kids showed up at the house. It was the first time they were all here since Easter. Girl Twin drove herself, Can I say herself? I get confused with this new pronoun (construction language) Could someone tell me why I tried to get good grades (C-) in English if two generations later we/they/them would throw everything away I worked so hard for (C-)? Drifted again!

Boy Twin came as a passenger in Ivy's car. I would guess it might have for gas saving, but it might have been because Boy Twin didn't have room in his vehicle. I will explain. Boy Twin carries nearly everything he owns in his jeep, tools, pressure washer, welder, McDonald's wrappers, get the picture?

For Mother's Day, Boy Twin gifted Elaine a four-foot-tall pine tree. It was a beautifully shaped, thoughtful and wonderful gift. It did create some light-hearted banter, as Elaine and Boy Twin could not agree on where it should be planted. I became part of the gift after everyone went home and I planted the tree.

When Boy Twin and Ivy arrived on Father's Day they asked me to go outside and look at Ivy's car. In the trunk of the SUV was another tree, bigger than the first tree.

Boy Twin: I'll show you where we are planting this tree.

Me: I don't want it there.

Boy Twin: I am going to buy more trees and create a windbreak. The trees will be taller when I move in.

Me: You are coming back?

Boy Twin: When you are "gone" Girl Twin and Ivy don't want the place, I do.

Me: Ok, thanks.

As planned the entire family drove to Red Feather for dinner Ivy and Boy Twin in one car, and Girl Twin rode with Elaine and me. At the restaurant, I noticed Elaine was a little edgy. She was not happy about Boy Twin's choice was clothing. Specifically his shirt. Printed on the back of his shirt were a well-endowed woman and some words deemed inappropriate by Elaine. I assured Elaine no one would notice. I couldn't have been more wrong.

We were seated at a table that was coincidentally next to the table was an old piano. Boy Twin opened the piano and started playing. I didn't know he played piano, but he was playing it now. The waitress stood next to him and started singing Billy Joel's "Piano Man". The packed restaurant is looking at Boy Twin. If you take Elaine's version of this story they were looking at Boy Twin's shirt.

Best Father's Day ever. I hope it was yours also.

In fairness, Elaine didn't show me anything from the website, until now! Buy Yarn. Love ya. God Bless.

Our crazy lives!



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