Has it been that long?

I am currently sitting at a table at an art festival at the Larimer County Fair Grounds. I'm sure I don't need to tell you why.

Like all shows, it remains to be seen, how profitable it will be, but this show has been a great time for me. It's the people, I just love the people, which is a little unusual for me. First, the festival is being run by our friends of twenty-plus years. I really like that this festival has given me a few stories I need to share.

Let's get started. This show was a three-day show, starting Friday night and ending on Sunday afternoon. Friday afternoon I helped Elaine set up her booth in preparation for the opening at 5:00 pm. After Elaine and I

finished setting up, Elaine allowed me to walk around the festival. I say allowed because, well, she allowed me.