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I can walk!

Well, these stories have taken a wildly different course this past year and so far, I’m not sure this year is any better. For the last decade(+) I have started every Sunday by telling a story about “our crazy lives”. If you’ve read long enough you might remember I wrote Wednesday nights before switching to Sunday.

I am proud to say most of the stories I couldn’t wait to tell. “Our crazy lives” were just that funny. Late last summer, I injured my back, causing me to be unable to walk without the assistance of crutches or at very least a cane.

Today’s story is more of an update about my recent back problem. The good news (at least for me) I can walk without crutches or canes. Not very far, but I can walk. Distance is not a problem as I have nowhere to go. The weather has kept me in the house. It has been snowing windy and cold since I came home from the hospital. I am able to walk around the house enough to build strength.

I have doctor appointments this week, which will get me out of this (construction language) house. Elaine has promised me we can drive to the grocery store today. How's that for something to do?

So, the good thing is that I can walk. Writing is really hard coming down from three general anesthesia. The truth is it is too hard to think. And it hurts to laugh. I did fall while climbing the stairs which wasn’t really funny but was exciting for a couple of seconds.

OK, I give up. I will be back with the stories I love to write and I appreciate that you read. Don’t give up. I will be back.

Buy yarn! Read Monner’s Mumblings! God Bless you guys.

Our crazy lives!



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