"Indestructible" Shoes

History repeats itself, even if you try to change it. A while back, I stepped on a nail at home somewhere where I shouldn’t have been wearing my frocs. (Elaine’s words, not mine.) Well, it happened again.

This time frocs were not involved and it didn’t happen at home. In spite, of Elaine’s unfair rules, history has repeated itself with different results. Different, but equally unpleasant.

Back in the day, the froc incident resulted in a short hospital stay. After a few days of self-cleaning and bandaging the minor puncture wound, I noticed my foot was getting a little red. A trip to the closest urgent care resulted in a diagnosis of an infection in my foot. It was suggested to me that I take the infection seriously and I spend the weekend in the hospital for IV therapy. Obviously, Elaine wanted to be alone for a couple of

days and insisted I comply with the suggestion.

That pretty well sums up the froc story. Now let’s get to the repeat of history. As you might guess construction can be dangerous. A single screw dropped on the ground can be a person down. Unless they are married to Elaine. Elaine has now issued new (unfair) rules that any punctures caused by screws, nails, splinters, knives, and bullets will require a trip to urgent care.

Wearing work boots, at work recently I stepped on a screw. A little tiny screw penetrated my foot and before I could stop walking it pulled itself out and stabbed me again. I bought a tube of triple antibiotic cream and a box of bandages. Elaine allowed me to treat it myself. Things were going along fabulously until I decided to stop my treatments. Back to urgent care.

At urgent care, I was prescribed oral antibiotics and it was suggested that I make an appointment with the wound care doctor associated