Jackets/Old and New, Re-roofs

Elaine had a big week this past week. After an MRI, an appointment with a sports medicine doctor, and a cortisone shot, Elaine has been cleared to resume her hurdling career.

Elaine enjoyed her cortisone shot so much; she has now scheduled cortisone shots in both thumbs. Personally, I could use at least one cortisone shot in one thumb, but I earned this pain and I’m going to enjoy it for a while.

In spite of Elaine’s painful thumbs, Elaine has been working on a new weaving project. It is important to note that the new project was my idea. It really isn’t all that important that you know the project was my idea, but I don’t like being left out of my stories.

A few months ago, I suggested Elaine weave and create a coat. Elaine had made a coat before, forty plus years ago. Elaine’s final college project was a woven coat. Yes, Elaine has a degree in weaving. Not underwater and not basket weaving, but nonetheless, a weaving degree. It is unclear how she was able to parley a weaving degree into a career in electrical engineering. I was there and watched it happen, but I’m still confused.

Anyway, so as not to see her waste her degree, after forty years, I suggested she do another coat/jacket. I’m not sure what happened to the coat she did forty years ago. I remember it was beautiful to look at, albeit a little stiff, and heavy. OK, it was more than a little stiff and heavy. Whoever tried it on moved like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I’ve always wondered if that coat could stop a bullet. It might have been something we could’ve sold to law enforcement.

Elaine lost interest in coats/jackets. After more than forty years, I convinced Elaine to make another coat/jacket.

Elaine got out her sketchbook and drew the pieces of a jacket. She started weaving. When she had woven enough material, she started assembling the coat. After a month or so of assembly, between drawing electric transmission poles and lines, the jacket is finished. Rightfully so, Elaine is very happy with her creation. It is not only beautiful and soft, it is pliable.

The jacket has been shared on social media and has received a couple thousand “likes”. I am so proud of her, and of