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Milestone Appointments and Aquariums

Yippie! I have reached a milestone. It has been three months since I had back surgery. Monday, I will go to the doctor for a follow-up and possibly start physical therapy. Things have been going pretty well and I am looking forward to removing the “BLT” restrictions. If you are wondering why I would be restricted from bacon sandwiches, I’m not. In medical terms, “BLT” means no bending, lifting, and twisting.

I have done my best to keep my “BLT-ing”. Elaine has seen to that. She has picked up everything I have dropped, carried everything I could not lift, and most of all helped me get dressed. To this day, I cannot bend over far enough to put on socks and shoes. Don’t tell the doc, but I have tried bending over recently when Elaine wasn’t around. Elaine bought me a couple of tools to help put on my socks and shoes myself. The tools work great, but then the blood clot doctor put an end to that.

The blood clot doctor insists that I wear compression socks that cover from my toes to my thighs (which I can put on with my tools and Elaine's help. The problem with that was as my body returns to its original weight the compression socks become too big. At fifty bucks a pair, a better solution to the doctor’s orders was needed.

Every morning we (Elaine and I) get up and wrap my legs with bandages. Actually, Elaine wraps my legs, I just sit there.

I have an appointment with the blood clot doctor later this week, so expect an update concerning that.

My appointment with the blood clot doctor greatly affected Elaine’s weaving and teaching career. Elaine is scheduled to teach a weaving class in Salida, Colorado this weekend. She will not be here to attend the blood clot appointment. I was to go to Salida with her. Elaine could have canceled/postponed her class and I could have done the same with my appointment, but since my appointment with the doc has been postponed twice and Elaine’s class has already been postponed, we thought it best to separate and get both events handled.

The biggest negative to that plan is wrapping my legs. I have commitments from both Girl Twin and Ivy to help with that providing they are not required to apply lotion on my feet prior to wrapping just like mom/grandma does.

I learned something interesting while in the hospital. The doctor thought I was dehydrated. It could be true; I don’t drink very much. A little coffee in the morning, a cup/glass of something during the day with brunch, and a glass of something at dinner.

Elaine has for years told me I need to drink more water. I just haven’t been able to do it.

As a pre-teen, teen, and young adult, I kept myself entertained by breeding tropical fish in aquariums. I don’t like to brag but I was quite good at playing with aquariums. I even got Elaine hooked on my hobby. If my house were better suited, I would start up with my aquarium addiction again.

After years of watching tropical fish, I know what they do in water, and none of it makes me thirsty. OK, I’m kidding. I’m trying to drink more water.

I’ve got plenty to do today, so this is Monner’s Mumblings for the day. Remember, we still have yarn to sell. Get some! God Bless, you guys. Think about Ukraine. Chances are good I have relatives there.

Our crazy lives!



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