Milestone Appointments and Aquariums

Yippie! I have reached a milestone. It has been three months since I had back surgery. Monday, I will go to the doctor for a follow-up and possibly start physical therapy. Things have been going pretty well and I am looking forward to removing the “BLT” restrictions. If you are wondering why I would be restricted from bacon sandwiches, I’m not. In medical terms, “BLT” means no bending, lifting, and twisting.

I have done my best to keep my “BLT-ing”. Elaine has seen to that. She has picked up everything I have dropped, carried everything I could not lift, and most of all helped me get dressed. To this day, I cannot bend over far enough to put on socks and shoes. Don’t tell the doc, but I have tried bending over recently when Elaine wasn’t around. Elaine bought me a couple of tools to help put on my socks and shoes myself. The tools work great, but then the blood clot doctor put an end to that.