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Mother's Day Vegetable Starts

Mother’s Day 2021 is in the books. Now, it is time to move on and start thinking about Father’s Day.

Elaine had a wonderful time in Iowa, and even thought about me and occasionally called home. I, on the other hand, stayed home and took care of the things that make the house run like a house. Do you realize I had to feed three large dogs two times a day? I tried to forget to feed them, but they kept looking at me. And then one of them would kick their bowl. How can I take naps with the dogs kicking their bowls like that?

I didn’t design any powerlines while Elaine was gone, but I did ship a couple of yarn and needle orders. OK, Ivy packaged it, but I drove to the post office.

Elaine’s Mother’s Day treat was all about spending time with relatives and trying restaurants. It seems she had a great time with both. I think her most special time was having lunch with her sister and aunt (2nd mother). I on the other hand also enjoyed one trip to a restaurant; with my daughter Ivy.

Ivy had the day off and decided to spend it with her dear old Monner. She/we decided it would be fun to start a garden while Elaine was in Iowa……. not starting a garden.

A few years back, most likely for Father’s Day, the kids gifted me with a hydroponic seed starter. I enjoyed it so much I bought another one. OK, I bought three more. I acknowledge a problem; can we just move on.

Ivy and I decided that it might be fun to go out to breakfast. It should be noted that breakfast at home would mean dishes, lots of dishes. We decided to head to the diner. At the diner, Ivy suggested we stop at Wally World for vegetable seeds and go home and fire up the hydroponics. It sounded fun but most likely futile. You see after the hydroponics are complete, the vegetable starts are planted outside for the chickens, rabbits, and deer to enjoy. You learn things living up here.

This year we have, or at least we hope to have the critters outsmarted. We have planters, fencing, and other brilliant strategies. If this works, we are going to need to learn to can vegetables or buy a dehydrator.

Elaine came home to vegetable starts all over the house. Hey, she knew better than to leave me alone with my toys. I think she might have been surprised I had a co-conspirator.

One decision Ivy and I are extremely proud of was the decision to not take any of the plants outside. It rained/snowed/sleeted/slushed the entire next day. When Elaine arrived home, she was greeted by us of course, and six inches of snow.

Due to the inclement weather, Elaine planned her attire for the ride home. No, it's not that at all, she packed her coat and cold-weather clothing. She wore cotton. Cotton does not melt like polyester will in the event of a fiery plane landing. Elaine is always thinking.

Luckily, I had an extra coat in my truck and we were able to cover the wet cotton. She reminded me at least no melted polyester was stuck to her skin. Elaine’s irrational fear of melting polyester is exacerbated by flying.

I made it through Mother’s Day 2021. I think it is fair to say, Elaine had a better time. That’s what Mother’s Day is about. I hope you guys had a memorable Mother’s Day. I hope you knit or crocheted something for a Mom out there. If not yours, another Mom. OK, That’s selfish. I just like to sell yarn.

Our crazy lives!



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