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New Location and no Walk-in Cooler

With the new Wild West knitting Retreat right around the corner, my construction life has hit a snag. Beervirus! Before you get all fired up, and start sending me get-well-soon cards, I don’t have or know anyone who currently has beervirus. But let’s talk about the knitting retreat first. (Just following Ivy’s instructions.)

The Retreat is all-new this year. The location is new, but still in the mountains of Northern Colorado, a little more than an hour’s drive from Fort Collins. Nestled in a beautiful mountain meadow with two mountain lakes. The new location offers a choice of semi-rustic cabins, ski lodge-style condos, or even motel-style rooms for guests/attendees to pick from. All in the beautiful meadow. (The location is a hot spot for cross-country skiing and tubing in the winter).

This year's meals come with choices. Unlike previous meals that were served family-style, guests will choose meals from a menu that is included in the retreat.

Classes will include spinning, weaving, and knitting, and this year, unlike previous years I, Me, Monner will hold classes in lifting, carrying, and napping. The napping class will be held on the patio which is shaded by beautiful pine trees. Fiber classes will be taught by Elaine and Ivy. Elaine has taken my napping class and recommends it highly. Not into classes, you can come and hang out for a reduced charge. Make up your own fun.

For more info, check out . If you are reading this you are already there, so you might as well look at it. Just sayin’. This location has about three times more rooms than the previous location, so we have room for YOU and a friend or friends. Hurry, I am needing to limit the size of the napping class.

Beervirus! As luck would have it, I am back to building a restaurant. We have been making tremendous progress with the construction. The world needs another new franchise restaurant, and by gosh, it is my job to provide it.

This restaurant is a little unusual for me. This one prepares meals you take home to eat, like a whole weeks’ worth of meals. Anyway, that has nothing to do with beervirus, I don’t even know why I mentioned it.

As I mentioned we have been making tremendous progress, and sadly we heard last week beervirus has created a worldwide shortage of restaurant walk-in coolers. Yep, worldwide. I haven’t even told you about commercial-grade convection ovens and restaurant exhaust hoods. Yep, beervirus got them, too.

No one has been able to determine if the shortage has been caused by the plain beervirus or the new variant. We just know we must wait up to three months for a walk-in cooler. This will cause repercussions. Food will not be able to be held at a cool temperature and has the potential to spoil. Another alternative would be to stop the project for three months or so. Darn beervirus, I was looking forward to picking up a weeks’ worth of meals to reheat in my own kitchen. Keep in mind, Elaine cleans, I cook, the kids, well, now that’s a funny one.

There is some talk about finishing the restaurant leaving a giant hole in the kitchen where the walk-in cooler will be installed later. Ditto, the exhaust hood, and convection oven. They won’t open the restaurant, but at least the owners will be able to sit in it and cry. Whoever thought this beervirus stuff was a good idea should be in jail. Looks like Elaine is still cleaning and I’m still cooking.

Our crazy lives!



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