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October is bittersweet

If I had to guess I would have to say October is one of Elaine's favorite months. Me? Not so much. Elaine sees the "beauty" in the changes in the leaves. She enjoys driving to town with me and pointing out that the trees and bushes are changing daily. I don't get all that excited about the leaves changing from green to yellow and red. I realize the world is about to be tan, beige, brown, and even white.

At least she hasn't asked me to take that thousand-mile trip across the country to see the fall colors in the northeast when those leaves turn sky blue, call me. I'll go see that. Those leaves look the same colors every year, send me a postcard. I'll get the same thrill.

So far, this October has been bittersweet. The leaves around here are turning and the wind is not blowing them off the trees. This gives Elaine more days to comment on the color. The temperatures have not been so cold and that gives me more time to prepare for the tan, beige, brown and white.

This is the time of year, I need to winterize the chicken coop. Ivy has done this in the past, but with her moving to town it is now my job. (Winterize- cover all windows and doors to block the cold and wind). I will need to heat water to keep it from freezing for the yak and llama. Cut and collect firewood. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal to most of you, but you need to realize I found a new channel on our television that plays old westerns from the '50's and '60's. That can take up a good part of your day.

Thankfully, Elaine gets up every Monday through Friday, turns on her computer and starts drawing powerlines. She cannot help but send me on a guilt trip by asking the question that ruins my plans. "what are you going to do today?" How can I admit I plan on watching Gunsmoke, Cheyenne, Laramie, (my favorite) and Rawhide while she is saving the nation's powergrid, one pole at a time.

That was the bitter part. Now we can talk about the sweet. The twins had a milestone birthday. They are now twenty-one. Girl Twin treated herself to a trip to Chicago. She didn't tell us she was going until she had arranged (and paid for) the trip. She didn't ask for money (sweet part). She's all grown up.

Boy Twin also bought himself a gift. He used his coming of age to express his second admendment rights. Now that's an interesting story. Our chickens and the rest of our flock are feeling a little safer. Sorry, Mr. Fox, Boy Twin is tenty-one.

Lizzie (our nintey-plus year-old dog) is having a bittersweet October. When Elaine and I went to the Santa Fe Fiber show, we had to get a friend to stay with Lizzie. Previous to that situation, Lizzie has always slept on my side of the bed all sprawled ou making very hard for me to get in and out of the bed. Last week, Lizzie fell climbing the stairs at bedtime. She slid down a couple of stairs and laid there trembling. Elaine and I got her on her feet and pushed her up the stairs. It waas the last time she climbed the stairs. Being the positive person you know I am, I was OK with Lizzie not sleeping next ot my bed. Maybe it was slightly selfish but I now have free access to my bed. (Sweet part) Now for the bitter, Lizzie sleeps on the floor in the TV room. Until 4:30 AM (set your clock) every night. She stirs around for maybe an hour until she gets what she wants. She wants someone to sleep in the TV room. Would you like to guess who is sleeping in a recliner? Yep. Until Elaine gets up to go to work and Laramie comes on (channel 364).

Buy yarn, love ya, God Bless

Our crazy lives!


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Crystal R
Crystal R
Oct 25, 2023

The Rifle Man is good too. Is Elaine going to immortalize Mr Fox (now of 2nd amendment fame) in one of her design?

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