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Retired, Maybe not

Elaine and I officially entered our golden years in the last two months. At the suggestion of some of our friends (Yes, Elaine has friends and she lets me talk to them.) we both signed up for Social Security benefits. I was the trailblazer in the ordeal and Elaine followed me after I was signed up.

I can't say what signing up for benefits was like prior to the beervirus, but honestly, I think beervirus made it easier for me. Except for that one little important glitch, we will talk about in a minute.

I did my due diligence and looked up the address for the local Social Security office. It became glaringly apparent those people don't want you to find them. They have been hiding since the start of beervirus and the last thing they want to do is meet with you. Before you get all uppity, I didn't want to meet with them either: I just wanted a monthly check. In fairness, they are happy to talk to you but they just want to do it over the phone.

I was just thinking out loud here. Don't you think these government employees have been vaccinated and boosted and boosted again, and boosted one more time? I'm okay with a phone meeting, not because of beervirus, because I could meet with them in my underwear.

My meeting was pleasant, informative, and easy. Forty-five minutes of questions, answers, and pleasantries resulted in me being me being signed up for monthly checks. (Signed up? Be patient) Elaine was fully dressed and listening to my conversation, I like speakerphones.

Elaine saw how easy it was to meet and sign up for checks she decided to sign up herself. Of course, she could not sign up immediately, she had to make an appointment that takes about a month to schedule.

Elaine is signed up and received her first check. Me? Here's that glitch we were talking about. I haven't received a check. The brilliant mind that I have thought I might want to find out why. It seems the Social Security employee asking all the need-to-know questions was a trainee. She neglected to press the "payout" tab on her computer. Can this happen to anyone but me? Elaine thinks it may be karma and that next time I should get dressed. Elaine was so happy with her checks, she informed her power pole employer, that she decided she would no longer be coming into the office. Relax, she will still be drawing electrical stuff so you guys can charge your (construction language) cars. We wouldn't want you to be stuck in the middle of Nebraska with no way to charge your batteries. Elaine will be working from home.

That wasn't all, Elaine started planning a vacation. Yep, Elaine's going on a vacation. This coming from a woman who has told all her friends not to where polyester on planes because polyester melts and sticks to your skin when the plane crashes, not if.

I'm not telling Elaine about the recent train wrecks. It's a good thing Elaine doesn't like to watch the news.

Of course, a couple of vacations will be centered around fiber shows. Elaine is scheduled to teach weaving at a few out-of-state shows. We aren't retired from fiber, and neither should you be. Buy yarn.

Thanks for reading, Love ya, God Bless

Our crazy lives!



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