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The Calendar says it's Spring (Second time)

The calendar says it is spring but it couldn't be more wrong. Why do I see snow when I look out the bedroom window? When I woke up this morning, why was my "smartphone" (which I have never thought was smart) alerting me that our home was included in a winter weather advisory?

Elaine still wears a coat, hat, and gloves when attending to the chickens, ducks, and goose. I'm still in shorts and frocs, but I walk really fast when I'm outside. I've thought about running but changed my mind because I don't want to slip in the snow, ice, or mud. I have satisfied my health insurance deductible for the year but, I don't want to spend half the day in an ER.

We have not seen any spring flowers or any other kind of flowers for that matter. There is no green grass to speak of. The only green grass is the hay we feed Mac the Yak. That hay is kept under a blue tarp.

With all that said, the wildlife and Mac the Yak have made us realize that spring is coming, just not yet. For those of you who were wondering. Elaine spotted a Blue Bunting (A small bright blue bird. I'm not sure Elaine didn't make up the name. I think she just saw some kind of blue-colored bird.) Mac the Yak has been blowing his coat.

For those of you who have never heard the term blowing his coat, I can explain. Usually, in the late fall, yaks (and some other animals) will grow another layer of hair to protect themselves from snow wind, and cold. Mac has the luxury of a barn to hide from the winter conditions but chooses not to use it.

It may surprise you, but Elaine feels this layer of yak hair is nearly the softest hair produced by fiber animals. Of course, she feels the softest hair is produced by her husband after a shower with Prell shampoo. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just passing along the info.

Mac is blowing his winter coat. He doesn't mind losing that layer of hair, he would just prefer to lose it his way. His way would be just to let it fall out and blow away. Elaine has other ideas. She would like to harvest the hair and turn it into yarn. By harvest, I mean comb the yak.

Elaine likes to comb Mac, but Mac prefers the fall-out and blow-away method. Mac prefers his method so much he has difficulty standing in one place. Mac weighs about twelve hundred pounds and has moves like an NFL running back. Elaine weighs about 1%* pounds and has moves like an NFL running back's mother.

Elaine demonstrated those moves with Mac's brother, Cheese. (Mac and Cheese, get it.) Cheese sent Elaine to the ER a few years back. I can't say if her deductible was satisfied, but I guess that wasn't the important part.

Cheese no longer blows his coat. Cheese is hanging on Girl Twin's bedroom wall.

Where was I? Oh yeah, combing Mac. Combing Mac has become another winter/spring task for me. It makes sense because Elaine has a job that brings in money. I have time between watching Westerns and the News. Plus there is that weight difference between Elaine and Mac. Elaine does like combing Mac and he will tolerate being combed as long as he is eating. I will include photos.

This is the second version of today's story. I think it is appropriate to add an addendum to last week's story.

Our dog passed last week and leaves behind a hole in our hearts. Elaine is struggling. Last night she showed me a six-month-old dog in a dog rescue in Dallas, Texas. Dallas, Texas! I'm not going to Texas for a dog.

Love ya, God Bless, Buy yarn and keep reading this stuff.

Our crazy lives!


Disregard Version One


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